Israel offers Gaza hospital evacuation for babies, fighting rages on

Israel offers Gaza hospital evacuation for babies, fighting rages on

Israel’s army has announced its readiness to evacuate babies from Gaza’s largest hospital, but Palestinian officials claim that people inside are still trapped, with two newborns dead and many others at risk due to a power outage caused by nearby fighting. Al-Shifa and other hospitals in northern Gaza, which are the main targets of Israel’s ongoing war against Hamas, are struggling to provide adequate care for patients, as more people are injured daily by Israeli bombardment. Gaza health ministry spokesman Ashraf Al-Qidra stated that Israeli fire has not directly hit Al-Shifa hospital, but it is causing fear and distress among medical officials and civilians. Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, Israel’s chief military spokesperson, stated that the military would assist in evacuating babies from the hospital upon the request of the staff. However, Al-Qidra mentioned that they have not been informed of any plans for evacuations and are currently relying on prayers for the safety of the babies. In another hospital in northern Gaza, the Indonesian Hospital in Beit Lahiya, a baby boy named Mosab Subeih was brought in with a head injury and bleeding due to an Israeli missile strike. The Palestinian Red Crescent reported that medical staff at Al-Quds hospital are struggling to provide care due to a lack of medicine, food, and water. The hospital has been isolated for the past week with no access in or out. Similarly, Shifa hospital is also inaccessible for newly wounded individuals, according to Dr. Mohammad Qandil from Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis.In the southern Gaza Strip, a man who is in touch with colleagues there reported that Shifa hospital is currently not functioning. No one is allowed in or out, and injured individuals in the Gaza area cannot be evacuated to Shifa hospital by ambulance. The hospital director confirmed that there is no safe passage out of the hospital.

Despite the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza, a group of 80 foreigners and several injured Palestinians were able to cross into Egypt for evacuation. This is the first evacuation since Friday, and among the group were 18 Polish citizens.

Since the start of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, very little aid has been able to enter Gaza. Israeli officials claim that Hamas militants killed about 1,200 people and took over 200 hostages, leading to the declaration of war. Palestinian officials, on the other hand, state that 11,078 Gaza residents, including 40% children, have been killed in air and artillery strikes.

Evacuees in Gaza are facing dire conditions, with limited access to aid and basic necessities. Disease is spreading among those packed into schools and shelters, surviving on minimal food and water. Some countries, like Jordan, have resorted to delivering aid by parachute.

Hamas claims to have destroyed over 160 Israeli military targets in Gaza, including tanks and vehicles. The Israeli military spokesperson, however, states that Hamas has lost control of northern Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the deaths of five more Israeli soldiers in Gaza, bringing the total to 46 since the start of ground operations. Meanwhile, residents report increased fighting around Al-Shati refugee camp in northern Gaza, with the Israeli military claiming to have killed militants in the area and urging civilians to evacuate south during a four-hour pause.

Jamila, a resident of Gaza City, spoke about the situation from inside the city, but her statement was cut off.The sound of tanks operating in the streets 700 meters away could be heard by Ily.

She said by phone that during the day, people try to find essential items like bread and water, while at night, they try to stay alive.

She also mentioned that they hear explosions throughout the night, some of which are exchanges of fire between resistance fighters and Israeli forces.

The mother of six expressed that her family is afraid to leave because they hear a lot of bombings in the south and there is a scarcity of food. She feels that their situation is not much different from the situation in the south.

According to Palestinian health officials, 13 people were killed in an Israeli air strike on a house in Khan Younis on Sunday.

Israel has stated that doctors, patients, and thousands of evacuees taking refuge at hospitals in northern Gaza must evacuate so that they can destroy what they claim are Hamas command centers in and around the hospitals. However, Hamas denies using hospitals in this way.

Staff at Al Shifa hospital informed RushHourDaily that there has been continuous bombardment for over 24 hours. Most of the hospital staff and people seeking shelter have left, but 500 patients remain.

The World Health Organization expressed serious concern for the safety of those trapped in the hospital due to the ongoing fighting. They also mentioned that they have lost communication with their contacts in the hospital.

Israeli TV news channels reported on Saturday that there was some progress towards a deal to free hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. However, there was little evidence of such a deal on Sunday. No official statements were made by Hamas or Israel regarding these reports.

This article was reported by Nidal al-Mughrabi in Gaza, and Maayan Lubell, Maytaal Angel, and Emily Rose Jerusalem. Additional reporting was done by Tala Ramadan, Michael Georgy, Crispian Balmer, Ari Rabinovitch, Adam Makary, Omar Abdel-Razek, Francois Murphy, and other RushHourDaily bureaux. The writing was done by David Brunnstrom, Miral Fahmy, and Philippa Fletcher. The editing was done by Daniel Wallis, Simon Cameron-Moore, and William Maclean.

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