JAN MOIR: Preaching Leftie Carol Vorderman is sacked by the BBC

JAN MOIR: Preaching Leftie Carol Vorderman is sacked by the BBC

Carol, who is known for her various roles and controversial behavior, has been removed from her Saturday morning show on BBC Radio Wales for violating new social media guidelines. Despite the disappointment of her four listeners, Carol refuses to be silenced and compares herself to Joan of Arc. Many celebrities have shown their support for Carol, including Alan Carr and Michele Visage. Dame Kelly Holmes even praised Carol for standing up for herself and not allowing corporations to silence her. However, Jan Moir points out the hypocrisy of these celebrities, who have benefited from the BBC in the past. She argues that they fail to understand the true importance of the situation. Despite this, many stars continue to show their support for Carol, with Cat Deeley calling her “bloody brilliant” and Katie Piper referring to her as an icon. Ant Middleton takes it a step further by stating that employees’ social media activity should not concern their employers.Social media is called social media for a reason – it is meant for activities outside of work commitments. It is not called Work Media, indicating that it should be kept separate from professional life.

There have been numerous cases in which people in the country have lost their jobs due to their social media posts, and rightfully so. This includes a Savills estate agent who was sacked for a bigoted tweet after an England football match, an Essex negotiator who was fired for grabbing Professor Chris Whitty around the neck and posting a video of the incident online, and actor Marc Anwar who was written out of Coronation Street for posting racist comments.

Under UK law, misconduct on social media is just as serious as verbal misconduct in the workplace. Adding a disclaimer that “all views are my own and not those of my employer” before posting does not protect against potential consequences. Personal posts on social media can and do affect employment status.

Carol Vorderman, although not guilty of misconduct, may have violated her contract. She was working for the BBC, which carries a set of responsibilities. The BBC is a publicly funded national organization that relies on impartiality. If you choose to work for them, you must also accept the responsibility of keeping your extreme political opinions to yourself.

It is important for individuals to understand that they should not use social media to express outrageous political opinions, especially if they work for organizations that require impartiality. Carol Vorderman’s Twitter rants against the Conservatives, for example, were not appropriate given her position.

The BBC recently introduced new social media guidelines in response to controversies involving sports presenter Gary Lineker. Lineker was accused of breaching impartiality rules due to political content he had posted on Twitter.

In conclusion, it is crucial to recognize the impact of social media on professional life. Personal posts can have serious consequences, and individuals must be mindful of their actions and the responsibilities that come with their positions.The political views expressed in his tweets align with those of Carol Vorderman and many other BBC stars. They all seem to believe that the Tories are oppressing various groups such as Palestinian protesters, the homeless, women, immigrants, bus drivers, boat people, and others. It would be refreshing to see a BBC personality offer a different perspective on social media. Perhaps Suella Braverman occasionally makes sense, or Boris Johnson wasn’t entirely bad, or illegal immigration is causing problems that the country cannot afford. However, it is unlikely that celebrities with populist views would be hired by the Left-leaning BBC. The struggle for impartiality at the BBC is constantly at odds with the deeply ingrained institutional bias that often goes unnoticed. Groupthink permeates everything, from Brexit to Rishi Sunak to the Israel-Hamas conflict. Even Jeremy Bowen’s question about the justifiability of Israel’s attack on Gaza during a news bulletin raises doubts about impartiality. The BBC recently introduced new social media guidelines following controversy over Gary Lineker’s comments. Carol Vorderman vows to continue criticizing the UK Government despite potential consequences. While I disagree with her views, I defend her right to express them, just not while being employed by the BBC. She is the first celebrity to be sacked under the new impartiality guidelines, and it is hoped that others will follow. The Conservative party doesn’t need Carol Vorderman to demonize them as they are doing a great job of it themselves, leading to their own electoral downfall. Even Boris Johnson acknowledges that the government is drifting towards defeat. It is hard to argue with his assessment or believe that they deserve to be re-elected. The alternative, Prime Minister Starmer, is too terrible to consider, so hope is still held onto.While Rishi Sunak is concerned about pedal power, more than 50 percent of the population in this country opposes the pro-Palestinian march taking place during the Remembrance weekend. Sunak has disregarded the concerns and told the Met Police that they are responsible for any consequences.

In this time of crisis, the country needs a leader who takes responsibility and makes difficult decisions, not someone who avoids accountability and shifts blame. It is unimaginable to think that Winston Churchill would have acted in the same way.

On a different note, there was a rumor that the Duchess of York might replace Holly Willoughby on This Morning. The idea of Fergie as an ITV daytime queen, discussing politics and fashion while pretending to enjoy Gino D’Acampo’s pasta bakes, was exciting. Fergie would be a better choice than Alison Hammond, who fails to engage viewers.

If Fergie were on This Morning, millions of people would tune in, unlike with Alison who causes viewers to tune out.

Lastly, the Just Stop Oil protesters blocked Waterloo Bridge in London and refused to make way for an ambulance with flashing lights. Their self-righteousness and disregard for others’ well-being is callous.The article criticizes individuals who prioritize their own needs over the well-being of others. It questions their lack of empathy and highlights the hypocrisy of their actions.

The first paragraph condemns reckless drivers who refuse to yield to emergency vehicles. It expresses frustration towards their disregard for the potential harm they may cause. The article suggests that while these individuals claim to care about the effects of climate change, they show no concern for the immediate consequences of their actions.

The second paragraph references a quote by Stalin to emphasize the indifference towards individual deaths compared to larger-scale tragedies. It acknowledges that the imagined doomsday scenario created by the Just Stop Oil group may never come to fruition, but questions their lack of empathy towards potential victims.

The third paragraph shifts the focus to the end of the actors’ strike in Hollywood. It mentions that the strike was resolved through negotiations between SAG-Aftra and the Alliance of Motion Picture and TV Producers. The article then suggests an idea related to the resolution of the strike.

The fourth paragraph raises the issue of income disparity among A-list actors and actresses. It questions why these individuals do not agree to reduce their exorbitant fees to create a more equitable industry. The article specifically mentions George Clooney and Reese Witherspoon as examples of actors who earn significantly more than others in the industry.

The fifth paragraph continues to criticize the lack of solidarity among actors and actresses. It suggests that if these individuals truly believed in progressive socialism, they would be willing to take a pay cut to support their fellow professionals. The article concludes with a quote from Jack Nicholson, highlighting the excessive wealth some actors accumulate.

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