John F. Kennedy Airport has always been one of the most recognized airports in the world. Also, it is one of the busiest since New York gets several visitors each day. Over the past decades, different sections of the airport have been renovated and modernized for the convenience of the traveler.

As of now, the airport is coming up with innovative ways to also keep the traveler’s friendly pets at ease. The JKF airport is going to build The Ark for the animals that travel long journeys and are in need of a little bit of respite.

The facility costs $48 million to build and will have the capacity to hold approximately seventy thousand pets that statistically fly in and out of the airport during a year.

Horses and other stable animals will be able to occupy climate controlled areas and hotel suites equipped with flat screen TV’s. There will also be cooler sections for the penguins and other animals that are indigenous to cooler weather conditions.

However, The Ark is getting mixed reviews at the moment. Some pet-owners like the new installment while a few people say it is an over the top investment.

According to estimates, the project will be completed some time next year.