Jim Kwik’s Highly Important Tips For Brain Improvement

Jim Kwik is a brain coach who teaches people how to develop and grow new skills, and he teaches his methods in this book.

Jim Kwik’s Highly Important Tips For Brain Improvement
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The contemporary world that we are living in changes every single day. Therefore, a person needs to develop new skills to survive the ever-changing world trends. There are several ways of gaining new skills. One may conduct researches through books to sharpen their skills since the world today chooses only the best. Developing a new skill of learning things faster will put an individual a notch higher than everyone else. This is because one can create great connections when they have talents in more than one thing. Jim Kwik is a brain coach who teaches people how to develop and grow new skills.

Musk And Jim Kwik Meet-Up

Elon Musk, a billionaire, appointed Jim Kwik, a brain coach, after launching sci-fi books such as Lord of the Rings. Musk knew Jim’s work and made up his mind to invite him. The brain coach coaches clients on how to speed read to aid them improve their learning. According to Kwik, the billionaire already had an amazing memory and was close to some methods. Jim coached his techniques to the scientists and researchers in SpaceX.

Limitless, Jim Kwik’s Book

Jim Kwik teaches his methods in this book. He says that the book will enable people to develop a new skill and have more knowledge of ways of surviving in this world. Jim guides his readers through the book in 3 parts. First and foremost, he talks about the mindset of a person. Secondly, he extensively explains the purpose of a person. Thirdly, the author tries to show the methods one can use to fulfill their goals.

Jim Kwik’s Emphasis on Mindset

Concerning the mindset of a person, Jim emphasizes that people need to fight negative thoughts against developing new skills. To destroy the negative thoughts, one needs to counter-attack them. Expansion of one’s mind to suit possibilities will aid him or her to fight the negative thoughts until they vanish.


According to Jim Kwik, one needs to eat the right things for proper brain development. He emphasizes the impacts of good foods on the grey matter of the brain. His top 10 foods include avocadoes, blueberries, broccoli, eggs, vegetables, salmon, turmeric, walnuts, dark chocolate, and water.

Avocadoes aid in proper blood flow in the brain, and blueberries lessens the effects of the brain getting old. Broccoli has vitamin K, which is very useful for the brain, while the presence of eggs in your diet will help you improve your memory. Green leafy vegetables have the same effects as the blueberries, the same as salmon, sardines, and walnuts. Turmeric boosts antioxidant levels, whereas dark chocolate improves reasoning purposes. Water is vital in the human brain because most of it contains water, and lack of water causes brain fog.


In this part, Kwik mainly talks about the habit and power of reading. As a normal human being, one has to set daily goals of reading, even if it is only two pages per day. The benefits of reading will come after a while of consistent reading. The author, in this part, insists on one having a timetable so that he may remind himself every day of reading.




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