Joe Biden Lays Out Plan To Get America Vaccinated

While addressing the nation on Friday, he described the outgoing administration’s inoculation drive as a “dismissal failure.

Joe Biden Lays Out Plan To Get America Vaccinated
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President-elect Joe Biden has said that he would increase the production of key medical supplies, including syringes, in a bid to speed up the vaccination drive across the country. While addressing the nation on Friday, he described the outgoing administration’s inoculation drive as a “dismissal failure.

Under the Democrat’s plans, the federal disaster-management works would set up camps across the country, and the retired doctors in their areas would administer the shots to teachers, store staff, and the population more vulnerable to the pandemic outbreak. Besides, the incoming president plans to invoke the Defense Production Act to support vaccine storage and refrigeration and ramp up the production of critical medical equipment, including needles, syringes, and glass vials.


Additionally, Biden claimed that his transition team has already shortlisted the companies that would be activated under the law. Moreover, his team said the state authorities that use National Guard for the process would be reimbursed by the White House. So far, the US remains the worst affected nation by the pandemic in terms of a total number of cases. As of Friday, the health authorities have recorded more than 390,000 fatalities, with Biden’s close aide stating that the number is predicted to reach a whopping 500,000 by the end of next month.

On the other hand, the President-elect has put forward an ambitious plan and vowed to prepare a better response than Trump. His administration aims to distribute as many as 100 million shots during his first hundred days in the presidential office. On Wednesday, Biden said, “This is a time to set big goals and pursue them with courage and conviction because the health of the nation is literally at stake.”

Interestingly, the incoming administration said that they plan to reorganize the vaccination team called “Operation Warp Speed” and focus their attention on the low-income regions with a lack of access to quality health care. Besides, Biden’s team maintained that they are also working on a marketing campaign to convince those skeptical about the vaccination shots.

While speaking from his home in Delaware, Biden said that he will task the Federal Emergency Management Agency to set up a hundred in inoculation centers within thirty days. He added that nearby pharmacies and clinics would also be listed as centers. His address on Friday comes a day after he unveiled his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package that includes $50 billion for COVID-19 testing and $20 billion for the vaccination drive. Political experts have maintained that the bill is likely to help the administration in tackling the pandemic outbreak in the US.

The stimulus package faces a tough battle in the upper chamber of Congress. But after Biden’s inauguration, the Democrats would control both the chambers of the US Congress, albeit with a thin majority. Some Republicans have criticized the staggering spending, while others called for an increase in stimulus checks to individuals.

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