Johnny Depp’s Incredible $26 Million French Village Estate Is For Sale

Johnny Depp has taken the big step of downsizing from his colossal French village estate. The 37-acre property is going for $26 million, according to E! News. In 2001, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor purchased the enormous property, then sparing no gold coin, put at least $10 million into it, creating a no less than a fine and articulate village.

The compound used to be known as the Provencal Village in the South of France, that is until Depp came along and bought the entire property. It is a very historical site with stone houses more than 200 years old.

It’s a pirate’s life for whoever has the pocket change for this amazing property. It features a wine cellar cave, several guest cottages, and a rustic poolside expanse. It is said that one of the guest cottages used to be a church. The main house itself boasts 10,760 square feet and includes 12 bedrooms and 12 baths. In any case, the next buyer will definitely have enough room.

To many people’s surprise, no interior decorator has made their mark on Depp’s property. The listing agent, Sotheby’s Alexander Kraft, explained,

“Contrary to many other properties of major international celebrities, Johnny Depp’s estate has not been decorated by an interior designer, but by Johnny himself. As a consequence, the estate is not a ritzy showplace, but an utterly charming family home that truly reflects Johnny Depp’s unique character and taste.”

The estate even includes all of the handpicked furniture, making it quite a deal, especially since it is only 17 miles away from St. Tropez, a popular vacation spot. Not that you would ever want to leave the village.

“The asking price actually includes all of the property’s furniture and a great number of personal belongings of Johnny Depp. Thus, the purchaser will be able to not only acquire an exceptional property, but also many personal items of one of the greatest stars of our time,” as told by Kraft on the listing.

Perhaps Captain Jack will leave behind a bottle of rum for the lucky new homeowners!


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