Meet the newest flamethrower to burst onto the scene in the MLB, Jordan Hicks.

Hicks, a member of the St. Louis Cardinals, set a record for the fastest pitch in the Statcast era, reaching 105 mph not once, but twice during Sundays win over the Philidelphia Phillies. When asked about the pitch, he replied, “I put a little something on it and I heard the crowd and I was like.. Alright… That’s a new record for me.” Hicks may have been a little modest as most MLB pitchers only dream of reaching over 100 mph on the radar gun.

Not only did he throw the fastest pitch of the 2018 season, but he threw the 5 fastest.

The last player to throw that hard was none other than Aroldis Chapman when he unleashed a 105 mph pitch against the Orioles in 2016. Not surprisingly, these two high-velocity pitchers have extremely similar windups, which could be a coincidence but you can decide that for yourself:

This is Hicks first year in the big leagues, and he has been a bit of a wildcard for the St. Louis. Despite having the highest average velocity of any major league pitcher, he ranks 272nd in walks per 9 innings. If he can learn to get better control of his pitches without sacrificing velocity, Jordan Hicks will be a household name for years to come.


Featured Image Via Flickr/Darren Mosley