Jordanian Police Officer Kills Two Americans

Two American contractors and one South African contractor were fatally shot at a police training facility in Amman, Jordan on Monday, November 9, Jordanian official Mohammad Momani reported to the Petra news agency.

“We have received reports about a security incident at the Jordan International Police Training Center,” a Jordan-based U.S. Embassy spokesman reported to CNN.

In addition to the 3 deceased contractors, even more were injured. Victims of the shooting included two other Americans and four Jordanians, all injured from gunshots at the same incident.

The shooter was then killed by Jordanian security forces, said the Prime Minister’s office. The shooter was ranked a captain and a senior trainer. Earlier Jordanian security sources reported that the gunman committed suicide after killing and injuring almost ten people.

“We are in contact with the appropriate Jordanian authorities, who have offered their full support. We will report more information when available and appropriate,” the U.S. Embassy’s spokesman said.

The motive of the shooting is still unclear, but is said to be a “crime” and is being investigated by Jordanian authorities, according to the Petra news agency. BBC ‘s Middle East correspondent Kevin Connolly assumes that the killings will be concluded as an act of solidarity with the militant groups in the Middle East.

Connolly adds that Jordan stresses a strongly pro-Western course throughout the Middle East, hosting joint military exercise courses with the U.S. and the UK. Jordan is also very supportive of the US-led coalition against ISIS and other extremists in Syria.

Ten years ago today, a bombing led by Al-Qaeda in Iraq killed over 50 people as they detonated in three different hotels in Amman.

The American contractors were sent to the facility to assist Jordanian police trainers in Muwaqqar.

 Image via Flickr/ResoluteSupportMedia

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