Jury Awards $100K After Severe Burn From Starbucks Coffee

After receiving first and second-degree burns for Starbucks’ coffee, a woman from Florida got a settlement of 100 thousand dollars for physical pain and medical bills.

Joan Mogavero, a 43-year-old woman, was at a Starbucks drive-thru in 2014 when she sustained her first and second degrees. Mogavero ordered the Venti Pike’s Place coffee which was at 190-degree temperature.

She was placing the coffee on the passenger side when the lid of the coffee popped off spilling some of its contents on the midsection of the woman, most of which landed on her lap.

According to her lawsuit, the lid of the coffee wasn’t placed properly or was defective. Leading her attorneys to argue that Starbucks should warn their customers of the possibilities of their lids popping off.

The Duval County jury has found the coffee chain negligence for the lid incident and awarded her 85 thousand dollars for the pain and the physical impairment the burns have cost with an additional 15 thousand dollars for the medical expenses. With a total settlement of 100 thousand dollars.

Besides Magavero’s attorney’s advising Starbucks to warn their customers of their lids coming off, Starbucks representatives have reported that per month there are 80 complaints made about their lids.

Even with the complaints they receive, Mogavero has stated that the relevance of their warnings against their lids to their customers would be none. Her lawyer also states that all his client wanted was to have justice, not sympathy and that it was she received with the verdict the jury gave.

According to the spokesperson of Starbucks, Reggie Borges, they are considering on an appeal. They are stand behind their store employees in this incident and that nothing wrong was committed.

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