Kim Jong-un Furious: 70% North Koreans Rebel Against Major Sex Rule

Kim Jong-un furious
70 percent of North Koreans break major rule. Facebook Images

Since the rise of K-Pop or other trends from South Korea, Kim Jong-un is intensifying his assault on Western civilization. Many in North Korea love the K-Pop Star PSY’s huge 2012 ‘Gangnam Style,’ and 70% of North Koreans are viewing films and dramas prohibited in the underground nation. According to the US-based Radio Free Asia (RFA) website, the North Korean Supreme Leader has already launched a mysterious war on sex earlier this year, showing fears regarding an alleged rise in promiscuous adolescents. A top government official disclosed that a vast number of about 25 million citizens in North Korea view television shows and films from South Korea, and that pop music is still on their radar. Kim’s dictatorship also imposed harsh retribution. 

According to the RFA, a set of videos that went viral on July 3 and 4 showed that the citizens who were imitating famous words and concepts from South Korea earned severe fines.

The source, a Chongjin native in the capital of Northern Hamgyong, says, “70 percent of residents nationwide are watching South Korean movies and dramas. I am alarmed that our national culture is fading away.”

Throughout the footage, an official from the Central Committee of the Korean Workers’ Party explained the campaign to eradicate South Korean vocabulary and illustrations of how those adopting them were prosecuted. Video conferences included clips of juvenile arrests and people being questioned by the police.

An insider added: “Dozens of men and women had their heads shaved, and they were shackled as investigators interrogated them.”

Kim Jong-un forbids western influence
South Korean rapper Psy performing his massive K-pop hit “Gangnam Style”. Facebook Images

North Korean President, Kim Jong-un Raises Stakes

The punishments will be increased. The RFA source said the authorities would use a range of methods to avoid further penetration of South Korean culture this month, including more stringent judicial enforcement and federal education programs. The official of the Pyongyang City Judicial Agency also spoke publicly, saying that they once again reinforced their firm demand for the prosecution of all who mimic the language of South Korea by Pyongyang and other major cities throughout the nation.

Using an unofficial term for Kim Jong himself, the official noted that, after the two-month purge by the Pyongyang authorities, 70 youth were detained in May after the Highest Dignity released an order “to combat hard on unconventional thought of culture.” The teenagers arrested were accused of misconduct by imitating and spreading South Korean phrases and terminology to shield their heritage and ethnicity.

In Pyongyang sometime earlier, the tendency to see films and dramas from South Korea and to copy South Korean terms and writings was an enormous concern among the youth. Up until now, the police had been receiving bribes whenever they caught them watching forbidden programs.

Nonetheless, the government said the phase of educating the youth has ended. Now, the government’s administrative and legal retribution to overshadow South Korean culture from conquering the nation would be even worse. In the past, Kim ransacked against a “capitalist cultural invasion” and demanded that ‘non-socialist manifestations’ be demolished in 2017.

North Korean Government Declares Sexual Acts and Language Treason

In May 2020, the official North Korean publication, The Rodong Shinmun, told the young citizens of North Korea: “If you cannot remain vigilant against a single movie or a song, and imitate it, the national culture will gradually become discolored, and the rotten lifestyle of materialism will prevail.”

Kim Jong-un and his government denounced the students’ “immoral sexual behaviors,” stating that their “impure acts” were treasonous and that parents and teachers were therefore penalized if their activities were within its influence. Another source told RFA that the government had investigated high school students when it figured out that certain boys and girls in high schools were making out with local gang members. The latter was working together with groups that perform unethical activities like pornography and prostitution. The committee described young people’s debauchery as acts of treason, which are aiding the enemy to demolish North Korean culture. They vow never to embrace western civilization.

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