Kim Kardashian has sort of written a book. She wrote a forward for a book containing 300 selfies. The book contains 115 cleavage shots, 23 butt shots, 10 nude shots, and one baby bump photo. The book seems ridiculous to her haters because it is an entire book of pictures of Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian. Does it seem ridiculous? Maybe, but Kim is taking a photo book and giving a different spin on it. It is similar to Madonna’s “Sex” and Kate Moss’s collection of portraits, but the only difference is that Kardashian took the photos herself.

The book, “Selfish,” will be hitting stores May 5 and it is expected to be on the best sellers list a week or two after. The book documents the eight years Kardashian has been in the spotlight. She started out as Paris Hilton’s friend and was not really known by the public besides as Hilton’s friend. Now, Kardashian is one of the biggest stars in the world and has a $65 million brand. The photos will take fans behind the scenes of her crazy life. Granted, one could just head over to Kardashian’s Instagram account to see majority of the pictures, though it would be easier to flip open a book that is on your coffee table and flip through the photos. The book begins when Kardashian was three or four taking her very first selfie and it ends with a photo of her and Kanye hand in hand at their wedding.

Ryan Schinman, founder of Platinum Rye Entertainment, a marketing company, said that “There’s something tangible about a coffee-table book versus just having 30,000 different pictures of her in your phone. You can put it on your desk, you can give it as a gift — either for someone who is a fan of Kim Kardashian or a gag gift for someone who’s not. It’s a novelty.”

He’s very right about that. Kardashian has over 30 million followers on social media and now a book where she sorts of just puts her social media in print form. This is going to be a big seller for many reasons. Firstly, it has her name on it and again she has a pretty successful brand. Secondly, this is the first of its kind. No one has done something like this before and anyone who does it after is just a copy.

Kardashian knows how to sell herself to the masses. She will prove this again with her book sales this May.

Photo: Kim Kardashian via Instagram