Largest Sports Stadiums in the World

roman stadium
A roman amphitheater and sports stadium Image: wikipedia

Sports Stadiums are a part of the culture of various civilizations from ancient times, and we can see how much Romans loved sports and was an integral part of their culture from the remains of the Empire and its huge stadiums.

Stadiums showcase a nation’s love and attachment to a sport and their art and architecture capabilities. I have gathered a fabulous list of the largest sports stadiums globally with respect to their seating capacity.

Largest Sports Stadiums

Rungrado 1st of May Stadium (North Korea)

largest stadium

This is a multi-purpose stadium in the Pyongyang state of North Korea and right now holds the title of the world’s largest sports stadium in terms of seating capacity. The stadium’s main use is football match hosting, but it is also used for mass games and festivals.

It was opened on 1 May 1989, and that became a part of its name as well. North Korea built this stadium to make sure that they were also recognized on the world’s sports map as its neighbor South Korea was being awarded the Summer Olympics host title.

The stadium has a seating capacity of 114,000, while the spectator capacity can go over 200,000 easily. The whole stadium site covers 51 acres with 22,500 sq m main pitch and 207,000 sq m of floor space. It is designed as arches making a ring shape and resembling a magnolia blossom. It may also look like a spaceship from afar.

Sardar Patel Stadium (India)

cricket stadium

This is the largest stadium in India, in Ahmadabad, state of Gujarat, India. If we consider only cricket stadiums, then this is the largest one in the world. It has a seating capacity of 110,000 and hosts international and national cricket tournaments and matches.

The stadium itself is quite old, being constructed in 1983, but it has gone through quite a few renovations. Then a complete rebuilt in 2020 with a cost of $110 million, which made it the largest cricket stadium globally with a  total site area of 63 acres.

Michigan Stadium (US)

largest US stadium

You must have known about this Michigan stadium nicknamed “The Big House.” Well, it is definitely a big house and America’s largest stadium. It is a University of Michigan football stadium in Ann Harbor, Michigan, with a seating capacity of 107,601.

It is an ancient stadium dating back to the initial construction of 1927 with $950,000, which makes around $11.4 million in 2019 after adjustment for inflation. It went through a huge renovation at the cost of $226 million in 2007, and when it was rededicated in 2010, it became the largest stadium in the US.

Beaver Stadium (US)

sports stadium

This one is a college football stadium in University Park, Pennsylvania, US. The stadium is named after the governor of Pennsylvania, James A. Beaver (1887-91). It has a seating capacity of 106,572, which makes it the second-largest stadium in the whole of America.

It also has the award of being voted the “number-one football stadium in college football” in the USA Today Poll. The stadium’s official groundbreaking was in 19659, and it went through a lot of expansions, the most recent one in 2011.

Ohio Stadium (US)


Another American college stadium on the list is Ohio State University football Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. It is famously known as “the Horseshoe.” It has an official seating capacity of 102,780 while there have been many occasions of more attendees than the capacity, and the highest recorded attendance was 110,045 in 2016.

The stadium started in 1922 with a capacity of 66,210 and then went through a lot of expansions, the latest one in 2014.


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