When some people become famous and successful, they have a tendency to not keep up with certain relationships or memories because they feel they have moved on and that they no longer belong in their lives.

While this statement may be true for some, most people would assume that family would always be the one connection that would remain in tact. That is why a lot of people were shocked that Lawrence Fishburne, popular actor of films such as the “Matrix Trilogy” and “21,” has not spoken or helped out his mother in any form since his mother had told reporters that she is suffering from bad times.


“He’s gone Hollywood,” is what Hattie Fishburne told the New York Post, who exclaimed that she is facing eviction from her home and has not been able to support or feed herself, and Lawrence has yet to give his own mother a penny.

“For 20 years, I funded my son’s career. He promised he would take care of me…To this day, I have not got a Christmas present or a ‘Thank you, Mama’ present. He hasn’t given me a penny,” proclaimed Hattie, who seems confused as to why her son has chosen to ignore her, even though she supported him his entire life.

Hattie claims that she has not spoken to Lawrence since her husband died, which may be the reason the 80-year-old is unable to support herself. “I can’t buy food, clothing and shelter, go to the theater. I need a benefactor.”

Lawrence has yet to respond to his mother’s claims, but this is definitely negative publicity for the actor, and the media is expecting some sort of refute to these claims soon from the seasoned actor in order to vanquish this bad image.

Featured Photo – Reuters

Content Photo – John Chapple