Lawyer's March was started to support the protesters
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Thousands of Hong Kong lawyers started a silent march to demand safety for independence. On the other hand, China’s head of Hong Kong and Macau affairs has warned that the city is facing the worst crisis since the end of British rule.
Before this, the police launched an offensive against the protesters in Sham Shui Po. The Sham Shui Po is a poor district of Hong Kong. Lawyer march is a result of this policy offensive. The lawyer march started from the Court of Final Appeal to Justice Place.
Protesters of lawyers’ march claim that they want to protect the rule of law. Participants of the lawyers’ march further argue that the rule of law means that they are equal under the law. Protesters also condemned the government over failure to capture the people who were involved in violence against the peaceful protesters. Many participants believe that the government is giving protection to the violent elements.
The participants of the lawyers’ march opine that government is initiating politically motivated trials against the arrested protesters. Government has arrested 44 protesters and these protesters are being trialled under the charges of riots. If charges are proven, they can be given imprisonment of ten years.
Last week some unnamed prosecutors published an open letter. In this letter, it was claimed that Justice Chief Teresa is politically manoeuvring the legal principles. Hong Kong’s mini-constitution is known as the “basic law”. The Basic Law states that criminal cases will be conducted without any political or non-political interference. It is the sixth lawyers’ march since the end of British rule.
Hong Kong is facing protests for months. The current protests began in opposition to controversial extradition law. This law has been suspended now. This law allowed the authorities to conduct the trials of suspects in mainland courts controlled by the Communist Party.
However, the protests have turned into a campaign against the rising influence of communist leaders in Beijing. Protesters believe that current Hong Kong government is following the communist ideology of Beijing.
Hong Kong was granted independence from British rule in 1997. Hong Kong was guaranteed freedom in a formula called “ one state two systems formula”. However, mainland China did not fulfil many promises. Experts believe that the current march is against the authoritarian tactics of the mainland government.
Now protesters want a complete abolishment of the extradition bill. They also want an independent inquiry into the crisis, an inquiry on the massive use of force by police, and the resignation of Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam.
On the other hand, Chinese authorities also issued warning to the protesters. Chinese government argued that the protesters are trying to play with fire which can bring dire consequences to the city. The government claims that the current protests are an attempt to put Hong Kong in a dangerous situation. The government also requested the citizens of Hong Kong to stay away from the protesters to keep the city safe.
Conclusively we can say that the situation in Hong Kong is getting worse day by day. After the lawyers’ march, the Chinese government has very limited options. Use of force will further deteriorate the situation. Hong Kong government should look into the matter very carefully. Accepting the legitimate demands of protesters is the only solution to this ongoing turmoil. The government can backburner the issues of resignation and extradition bill. However, It can initiate an inquiry on the massive use of force on protesters and can release the political prisoners. Fulfilment of these two demands can pave the way for peaceful negotiations between the government and the protesters.


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