Lisa Montgomery: First Woman Executed in US Since 1953

Lisa was the only female convict on death row in the United States for more than seven decades.

Lisa Montgomery Executed
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Lisa Montgomery, 52, was put to death on Wednesday in accordance with the capital sentence in the first-ever US federal execution of a woman since 1953. She was given a lethal injection and was declared dead in the early hours of Wednesday at 1:31 a.m. Eastern Time (0631 GMT) in a Terre Haute prison in Indiana, as reported by the US Justice Department.

Trump Administration Pushed Death Row for Lisa Montgomery

FCC Terre Haute Training Center
FCC Terre Haute Training Center. Image via Twitter

The US federal executions were brought back in July by the Trump administration after a hiatus of 17 years. President Donald Trump is a supporter of capital punishment, hence there have now been 11 federal executions, including Lisa Montgomery’s execution since July.

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There was much legal wrangling in the eleventh hour before the execution of Montgomery, as her attorney appealed to put the execution on hold, owing to COVID-19 and raising doubts about her mental state. However, the Supreme Court cleared the way for execution. There were legal back-and-forths with even the prison’s guards and others suggesting to hold the execution until the next week. People are hoping that with President-elect Joe-Biden swearing-in, the federal executions will end, as Biden had pledged to do that.

Addressing the reporters, Montgomery’s attorney said that the decision of death sentence was vicious, unlawful, and unnecessary exercise of authoritarian power.”

Lisa Montgomery Cut the womb of Eight Months Pregnant Woman

Lisa Montgomery was executed for strangling a 23-year old expectant woman and cutting the baby from her womb. She later kidnapped the baby and called it her own. The victim, Bobbie Jo Stinnett, was a dog breeder and was eight months pregnant at the time when Lisa met her.

Bobbie Jo Stinnett

Lisa befriended her online on the pretext of buying a puppy and reached Stinnett’s home. She then strangled her with a rope and later cut her womb with a kitchen knife. The baby, a girl, was alive as Lisa took her along. She was later caught by the police on the complaint of Stinnett’s mother. The Police found her cradling a new-born when they reached her home, and upon confrontation, she confessed to her crime. In 2007, she was given the death sentence after the Jury listened to both sides of the arguments.

Lisa Montgomery was sexually abused while growing up

Lisa Montgomery hailed from Kansas and became the first woman to be executed on US death row after many protests against the execution. Montgomery’s defense team had argued that she was psychotic and had no clue of the heinous crime she committed.

Lisa mOntgomery
Child Photo of Lisa Montgomery. Image via Twitter

Her family members, including her half-sister, half-brother, and others, said that she had been tortured and abused physically and sexually in her childhood by her stepfather. They suggested that she was raped by her stepfather and his friends and was also trafficked by her mother. Her half-sister also told how they endured the harshest punishments from their druggie mother. Kelley Henry, Montgomery’s attorney, also claimed that the earlier attorney had not adequately argued the case for Lisa Montgomery and failed to express to the Jury how Montgomery’s traumatic upbringing was a reason for this crime. She also said that at the time of conviction, Montgomery’s case witnesses were not prepared well, and therefore, the jury was left to contemplate on grounds suggesting no mercy be given to her. She has blamed the government for killing a damaged and delusional woman and termed the execution as unjust.



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