Los Angeles Resident Contaminated Disneyland by Measles

Health officials have warned that a person infected with measles visited the park on October 16, and could have infected anyone who came in contact. Anyone exposed could develop symptoms up to 21 days after exposure. The Los Angeles resident that contaminated Disneyland by measles also visited a Starbucks in the area and left potential victims there as well.

The resident that contaminated Disneyland by measles was there at an allotted time. For anyone visiting these two areas on October 16 and has not been vaccinated, should visit their doctor for potential infections.

This is not the first time a measles outbreak has been a threat. Between August 11 to 15, a teenage girl from New Zealand came to visit Los Angeles and potentially exposing people in Los Angeles International Airport, Disneyland Resort, Universal Studios and other tourist sites in the area.

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In 2014, there was a measles outbreak that affected over 120 people, 110 being California residents. Of those 110 people, 45 percent were unvaccinated, 12 is too young for the vaccine. This outbreak started with the hospitalization of an 11-year old unvaccinated child. Attendance at California theme parks is estimated at 24 million.

Here are some general guidelines to determine if someone is affected:

What is Measles?

Measles is an infection, also known as rubeola, which can be serious and even fatal for little children. The disease has become rarer over the years but is still fatal to over 100,000 people worldwide annually, mostly children under 5. In the United States, it hasn’t been an epidemic in over a decade because of the vaccinations.


Symptoms of measles include fever, dry cough, runny nose, sore throat, inflamed eyes, “tiny white spots with bluish-white centers on a red background found inside the mouth on the inner lining of the cheek –also called Koplik’s spot,” or “a skin rash made up of large, flat blotches that often flow into one another.”

Progression and Complications:

The progression is quite slow. The infection does not manifest until 10 to 14 days after being infected. It starts with the mild symptoms as mentioned above, almost flu-like. Eventually, it begins to manifest into a rash that starts on the face and eventually moves downward. The fever tends to rise to 104 or 105 degrees F at this point. The illness usually resolves in less than two weeks but can cause complications. These complications include ear infections, bronchitis, laryngitis, croup, pneumonia, encephalitis, or problems in pregnant women.

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