Love Island’s Arabella Chi ‘dragged from her car and attacked’

love-island’s-arabella-chi-‘dragged-from-her-car and-attacked’
Love Island’s Arabella Chi ‘dragged from her car and attacked’

Love Island star Arabella Chi was allegedly the victim of a terrifying robbery ordeal, where she was attacked by two men from an organized crime group. According to The Sun, the incident occurred while Arabella and her father Paul were returning from Ibiza and had taken a ferry to Barcelona.

During the attack, the men slashed the tires of Arabella’s £60,000 car and stole her designer handbag, purse, and passports. A source revealed that Arabella heard the doors unlock before being dragged out of the car. Despite her fear, she screamed and fought back, unaware of the men’s intentions. They proceeded to ransack the car for anything valuable.

Shortly after driving off the ferry, Arabella experienced car issues with the back wheels. Her father discovered that both tires had been slashed, leaving them with only one spare tire. As a result, Arabella stayed with the car, filled with suitcases, while her father hailed an Uber.

The insider claimed that once her father left the vehicle, the men noticed Arabella was alone and attacked her. She reportedly pleaded with them to let her keep her phone before they fled the scene. Her father returned with the police shortly after.

Arabella is said to be deeply shaken by the traumatic experience but relieved to be back home. She is currently recovering with the support of her family and friends.Representatives for Arabella have been contacted by MailOnline for comment. It has been revealed that she has been secretly dating Manchester City’s Ruben Dias for a month. The Sun claims that Arabella, 26, was traveling back from Ibiza with her father Paul when the incident happened after they took a ferry to Barcelona. The revelation came after fans noticed that Arabella and Ruben were in Paris together, posting near-identical shots of the Eiffel Tower. Arabella has reportedly been regularly flying from Ibiza to the UK to spend time with Ruben, who has been showering her with gifts. Both Arabella and Ruben shared photos of the Eiffel Tower taken from the same angle, indicating that they were together. Ruben was in Paris for the Ballon d’Or awards, while Arabella’s time in Paris seemed to be a stopover on her way to Ibiza. Arabella, who appeared on Love Island in 2019, recently split from Richie Akiva. Richie quickly moved on with a mystery woman just days after their split. Richie was seen embracing his new single status as he was spotted with a woman who looked like Arabella outside a nightclub in Paris. The pair were seen showing public displays of affection.The duration and origin of Arabella’s relationship with Richie, a New York native, are unknown. However, during the summer, Arabella spent time in Ibiza with Richie and his friends, including the famous Leo.

Richie has been a fixture in the New York club scene since his teenage years and in 2007, he opened the renowned 10ak nightclub. He is the CEO of the Butter Group, which owns other popular venues in the city such as Up & Down and Butter. Richie frequently mingles with celebrities and has previously hosted birthday parties for the likes of Rihanna and Naomi Campbell.

Arabella was also romantically linked to former French rugby player Yoann Huget this year. In June, the couple was seen together at the French Open, watching a tennis match. According to a source, their relationship had become more serious, leading them to publicly acknowledge it at the French Open.

In 2021, Arabella was briefly associated with DJ Tom Zanetti, but she quickly denied the claims. She clarified that they were just good friends and that people had assumed more than what it was. Arabella emphasized that she is currently single and focused on self-discovery, knowing exactly what she wants in a partner and refusing to settle.

On the other hand, Ruben was last linked to cabaret dancer Ginevra Festa. They were photographed kissing last summer but have not been seen together since. Prior to this, Ruben had a tumultuous breakup with singer April Ivy. After their split, April released a song called “Broken Apologies,” which seemed to be about Ruben. The couple began dating in late 2018, made their relationship public on New Year’s Day 2019, but ended things in September 2021 due to “lifestyle differences.” Sources revealed that Ruben’s desire for a more private life clashed with April’s exuberance, leading to their reported breakup and Ruben removing April from his social media platforms.

It was recently revealed that Arabella has been secretly dating Manchester City’s Ruben Dias for a month, adding a new romantic chapter to her life.Rúben and Ivy were living together in Manchester when he joined Man City. According to a source, the couple had already moved in together in Manchester so that Ivy could be close to Rúben while pursuing her music career in London. The different lifestyles of the footballer and the artist eventually became incompatible. The couple separated a few weeks ago after spending their summer vacation together in Greece in early July.

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