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ABC’s new romantic comedy series, “Manhattan Love Story,” gives audiences insight into what both men and women are thinking while they are dating. Although the thought process of the main characters are purely comical, it makes us wonder what goes through our significant other’s mind as they start falling in love. However, unless there are people who can actually read minds, one of the main ways we can figure out what our date is thinking is by paying attention to body language.

The first step to decoding body language is paying attention. Woman’sday.com notes in “Body Language Explained,” that “the tricky part is noticing them first.” You should not awkwardly stare at your date all night to figure out what their body language is saying. Instead, let the date naturally run its course and start to pay attention so you begin to feel a connection. Maintain strong eye contact during conversations, but remember not to stare. Woman’sday.com also suggests that you practice “mirroring” behavior. By subtly copying your date’s positive demeanor you reflect signals that you are attracted to them. Match.com describes in “Body Language Decoded,” the main types of gestures that gives your date the right message.

Via Manhattan Love Story
Via Manhattan Love Story

To begin, “Lifted shoulders” are signals that demonstrate that you are telling your date—and vice versa, that they “should not be shy” and come a little closer because it means that you think they are being “cute.” The next body response you should be aware of is if your date becomes “pigeon toed,” since this means that they are “smitten” by you. If you see their “palm revealed” in an upward position, it shows vulnerability and their willingness to open up to you. Nothing says letting your guard down more than the “forehead bow” towards you with your eyes looking up at them. This look is usually seen as a sign of sexual attraction, so when you see it, you can either embrace it or cool things down.

If you happen to see your date tilt their head back, with their eyes looking away from you, it can be a tell-tale sign that they are not feeling the date. But rest assured that you can change things around, possibly with the mirroring technique. Also, keep in mind that sometime certain body language can be misinterpreted as being negative. For instance, as match.com points out, people generally think of the arms crossed position is a sign of defensiveness. Although this could be true, most of the time people “don’t know what to do with their arms.”

Via Photo Spin
Via Photo Spin

Therefore, you should set your sights on the signals that are certainly positive signs of attraction. They are more fun to find and keeps you looking for the positives in your date. If you can project some of your good vibes, you can persuade your date into cheering up. If you do not see any of the signs discussed, base your conclusions on the conversations you two have and how much fun you have together. Laughter is often a great sign of attraction, and can make you, or your date, come back wanting to see more.


Photo Via Manhattan Love Story

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