English: "Marijuana Cigarette"
English: “Marijuana Cigarette” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s fun, it’s mellow, it causes creativity, but it can also cause lots of harm. The it is marijuana and recent studies have shown a link between users of the controversial substance and mental illness.

At this point, the only provable link can be found amongst those who already have a propensity for mental illness and use marijuana on an ongoing basis. Mental illnesses that have been aroused by marijuana usage include psychosis, anxiety and substance abuse not including marijuana.

Parents and teachers often discourage their children and students from using the drug due to its side effects. In addition to drawing out mental illness, marijuana causes drowsiness, cloudy thought, inactivity and the disintegration of brain cells. These attempts are often futile as students do not tend to start drug habits while be concerned about their health; it is more often than not a purely emotional decision. Additionally, it is these long term risks of mental illness which should be taught and preached as even the most virulent stoner does not want a mental disease.

Pot usage has become a recognizable characteristic of society today. Artists use it for creativity, distressed housewives use it to calm down and college students use it at parties. Its legality is controversial and this has increased the population’s desire to use it. If only people knew how marijuana could lead to mental illness and that side effects are not limited to munchies, then perhaps abuse rates would abide.

People compare smoking a joint to having a glass of wine in terms of health risks. Perhaps this is true, but unfortunately, due to legal reasons, there is not enough research about marijuana in order to know so. Maybe a joint after a long hard day at work is really no big deal and perhaps it is even healthy. For now, we just have to wait until the corrected research is published and maybe share a joint while we wait.

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