Matthew Perry lived in secret LA rental with assistant for a year

Matthew Perry lived in secret LA rental with assistant for a year

Matthew Perry, the late Friends actor, had been living in a Beverly Hills hideaway with his Japanese assistant until just a few weeks before his untimely death. According to sources close to Perry, it is believed that the 59-year-old assistant may have been the one to discover Perry’s lifeless body in the hot tub at his newly renovated house on October 28.

For over a year, Perry had been renting a three-bedroom hillside home in Beverly Hills for $49,000 per month while his $6 million Pacific Palisades house was being renovated. During this time, he was living with Kenny Iwamasa, an executive assistant who had been managing Perry’s affairs for more than 25 years.

It has been revealed that Perry and Iwamasa had been living in the expensive Beverly Hills property for a little over a year while Perry’s Pacific Palisades home was undergoing renovations.

Perry had recently moved back into his newly refurbished home and was enjoying his hot tub when he suddenly passed away on October 28.Matthew Perry, the Friends actor, died suddenly on October 28 while enjoying his hot tub in his newly refurbished home. John Malakzad, the house’s landlord, identified a person named Iwamasa as someone who lived with Perry and monitored him. Iwamasa did not respond to’s request for comment. Photographs obtained by show Iwamasa driving Perry around Los Angeles and leaving the Beverly Hills home in the morning. Perry had moved back into his Pacific Palisades house less than a month before his death, and it was a personal assistant, believed to be Iwamasa, who found his body. Perry also had another assistant named Briana Brancato, who had worked for him for seven years but left to become a personal trainer a few months ago. The rental listing for the Beverly Hills property was removed in June 2022, likely when Perry started living there. The home is now empty and being cleared out for another tenant. Malakzad, who never met Perry, described him as a good tenant who moved out a couple of weeks ago. Neighbors on Chalette Drive, where the house is located, were not aware that Perry had been living there but occasionally saw his staff, including a housekeeper and assistant, coming and going.In February, Perry was seen outside the Beverly Hills property as furniture was being delivered to the secret hideaway. The actor had been regularly spotted at the home since October 2022.

Now the home is empty, and on Wednesday, trash cans outside were filled with mattresses and cushions as the home is being cleared out for another tenant.

Aerial images show Perry’s pool and hot tub at his $6 million Pacific Palisades home, where he was found dead late last month at the age of 54.

The article includes a video titled “Remembering the late actor and comedian Matthew Perry,” which can be viewed at the provided link.Matthew Perry, the late actor and comedian, was tragically found dead in his Los Angeles home at the age of 54. The house he was renting had three bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, and was 6,305 sq ft. It had a bright living space with varnished floors and floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that opened up to a backyard with a pool and a view that was considered one of the best in the city by a neighbor. Perry’s manager, Doug Chapin, employed Kenny Iwamasa as an executive assistant, and according to his LinkedIn page, Iwamasa had been handling Perry’s affairs for over 25 years. Iwamasa described himself as someone who thrives in chaotic situations, values loyalty and confidentiality, and enjoys solving complex problems. Just two months before Perry’s death, he and Iwamasa were seen shopping together at The Grove in LA. A family member of Iwamasa confirmed that he had been living with Perry in recent months.In his last Instagram post, Y was seen enjoying the hot tub in his coastal neighborhood on a moonlit night on October 23, just five days before his death. He captioned the post, “‘Oh, so warm water swirling around makes you feel good?’”

According to a source from People Magazine, Perry referred to his new home as “heaven” and was incredibly happy after completing the work on the house.

Just two months before his passing and a few days after his 54th birthday, Perry and Iwamasa were spotted shopping at the Nike store at The Grove in LA.

Perry also had another assistant, Briana Brancato, 34, who was pictured with him in an Instagram photo. He never mentioned her by name in his memoir, only referring to her as ‘Erin’.

The actor’s family expressed their heartbreak over the tragic loss of their beloved son and brother. They appreciated the outpouring of love and acknowledged the joy Matthew brought to the world as an actor and friend.

A friend of Perry, former Miss Teen USA Athenna Crosby, revealed that he had been healthy and in good spirits in the days leading up to his death. Crosby, who had lunch with Perry at the Hotel Bel-Air, stated that she didn’t believe he had any desire to return to drugs and alcohol.

She mentioned that Perry had openly struggled with addiction for decades and had been in and out of rehab in recent years. However, he was relieved to finally feel that he had overcome it and was determined to fight against it.During lunch, he declined to look at the drink menu, explaining that he had become very interested in fitness and pickleball and wanted to introduce his friends to it. It seemed like he was genuinely committed to transforming himself into a completely new person.

According to other family friends, he appeared “fatigued” in the days leading up to his death.

The document also states that Perry’s industry was “Entertainment” and his stepfather, Keith Morrison, was listed as the “informant.”

Model and entertainment reporter Athenna Crosby, 25, had lunch with Matthew Perry the day before he passed away in Los Angeles.

In an exclusive interview with, Crosby stated, “I don’t think he had any desire to get back into drugs and alcohol.”

Although an official cause of death has not been announced, it is believed that he drowned. Perry’s official death certificate, released on Wednesday, still listed his cause of death as “deferred.”

When Perry was discovered by his assistant, he was submerged in water, according to first responders at the scene.The assistant raised his head in a desperate bid to breathe. The Los Angeles Fire Department arrived at the actor’s Pacific Palisades home and determined that he was already dead. A 15-second dispatch call was released, revealing the assistant’s 911 call reporting a possible cardiac arrest. Despite his past struggles with alcohol and substance abuse, Perry had recently stated in interviews that he was clean and sober. In his memoir, published last year, Perry disclosed that he had spent $9 million in his quest for sobriety, attending 6,000 AA meetings, going to rehab 15 times, and detoxing 65 times. Responders discovered antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications at the property, but no illegal drugs were found. Perry’s final video interview before his death offered advice to those battling addiction, emphasizing that recovery is possible and that each day brings the opportunity for improvement.

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