Megan Rapione addresses the crowd during the New york Champions Parade.

Megan Rapinoe proved that she is not just a great soccer player. But she is as well a well-made and full head woman. This demonstration took place, during the Parade of Champions organized in New York on July 9, 2019, by the Mayor of New York City Mr. De Blasio, to celebrate the U.S soccer team, newly champion of the FIFA Women World Cup. Apart from her extraordinary playing skills, she is an achieved person as well.

The observation is unanimous. This young woman is a powerful motivator, a charismatic leader, a talented communicator, and a natural artist.
Rapinoe is a remarkable player. Megan Rapinoe realized things in this game that none has ever done before, included male or female. Above all, she is the unique athlete scored an Olympic goal in an Olympic Game. Remember that an Olympic goal is a goal scored from the corner.

First of all, people know Ms. Rapinoe as lesbian, a person of conviction. This soccer superstar always says what she thinks. Then, she is also an activist who campaigns for the rights of LGBT people, ethnic minorities. She openly supported Colin Kaepernick (the famous American Footballer, who kneels during the intonation of the American National Anthem) in his fight against discrimination against the black minority in the United States.

But on July 9, the entire world, generally, and the fans of the round ball mainly, have discovered a low media profile Rapinoe. It’s about a hidden side, of the American soccer superstar. During the parade of champions, we saw a Megan Rapinoe dancing, singing, and moving the crowd. Each of his actions seems to be measured and prepared in advance to please, exalt, and influence his numerous admirers.

Her way of speaking did not leave anyone indifferent. Anyway, she has prestigious spectators, whose the Governor of New York State, Mr. Cuomo; the Mayor of the Big Apple, Mr. De Blasio, and his wife; the President of the American Soccer Federation, Mr. Cordeiro. They could not stop escaping under his charms.

She calls on everyone to take responsibility and advantage of its potentials. “You’re better than a fan,” she reminds her compatriots. Further on, Ms. Rapinoe has insisted on everyone, not to remain mere spectators. According to her, the only way to make things happen is to get involved. If we act, we will be able to transform communities, the country, and the world into spaces of fraternity. “What are you going to do to make your community better? What will you do to make the people around you better, your family, and your friends?” It seems that an unknown power inspired it. The 34-year-old athlete spoke with such confidence as if she were a prophetess on a divine mission.

“This is my charge for everyone. You have to be better, love more, and hate less. You need to listen more and talk less”. The speaker continues to encourage each spectator or whose listening through the media to make the world a better place for everyone. “Be more, be better, be bigger as you never been before,” she added.

In addition, Magan Rapinoe has some extraordinary world for his teammates: “you are super resilient so tough, so badass.” She said to them. Also, the world champion highlighted the diversity of the American soccer team, which she said reflects American society in its plurality. “We have Tattoos, dreadlocks; we have black girls, white girls.” She particularly honoured Mr. Carlos Cordeiro, President of the American Soccer Federation, who does a beautiful job. “I think he is with us, he is on the right side, and he is going to make it right.”