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The New Mercedes Benz GLS 580 is the latest SUV of Mercedes Company. Although the previous SUVs were good, this latest SUV is simply iconic. It has a smooth exterior and a luxurious interior. Let’s dig deeper into the specs and features of this SUV.


The Company hasn’t released information about the exact price of the SUV. However, there are rumors that the price of the car will be somewhere between $80,000 and $100,000. This estimated price is on par with its competitors. The V8 model pricing starts at $73,900 and ends at $93,000. On the other hand, the Lincoln Navigator pricing starts at $73,500.

Engine and Performance:

The new Mercedes GLS 580 comes with a GLS 580 petrol. The SUV produces a torque of 489hp and 700 NM. You can boost the torque by 22hp and 250Nm by adding an oversized electrical system. The 48V system will also improve the brake force, which will help in smooth braking. It will also improve the overall fuel economy.

The Mercedes GLS 580 has a nine-speed automatic gearbox and a four-wheel drive system, which shifts the power to the front or the rear tires. If you want to drive the car off-road, you can invest in a low range gearbox, which will help the car in moving through obstacles.

The SUV also comes with an air suspension kit, which makes cruising on the road quite comfortably. You can also add another sophisticated setup, known as the E-Active Body Control suspension. An active cruise helps in better control and braking. It also reduces your speed at times.


The New Mercedes SUV retains the boxy design. A new radiator grille extends into the bumper. The bumper has familiar A-shaped aprons in the center and the sides. The new SUV has ditched the horizontal lines of the previous model. The panels are quite smooth, but are a bit muscular above the belt line.

The roof also has a boxy design at the rear, but is slightly thicker on the top. This gives the car an elegant design. The taillights are quite slim and the license plate space is smaller in comparison to the previous models. This sleek design is also quite beneficial in improving the aerodynamics of the car. Its aerodynamic coefficient is 0.32, which is quite impressive for such a large SUV.


On the inside, the car has two huge screens, which go up to the center of the dashboard. These are surrounded by leather trims. They also contain even buttons, which feel quite classy.

Mercedes Benz GLS 580 has an impressive interior space. The car contains seven seats and all are big enough for adults. The Company has increased the knee room by 87mm. The passenger seats have ventilation controls and USB connections. The car also has a large loading space. Loading the car is quite easy because you can fold the back seats easily with a single button.

The car has an astounding infotainment system. The Interior Assist system is present in the car, which can distinguish between the driver and the front seat passenger. The display has a 720 x 240 resolution. You can also invest in a Rear Comfort Package plus, which will also give the rear seat passengers an infotainment screen. This system has a 7-inch tablet present in the center of the middle row.

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Although no crash tests have been performed on the car so far, Mercedes Benz GLS 580 is considered quite safe. The car features assist and warning features, which warn the driver before serious collisions. Emergency braking system and park lane assist feature are also present. The car also contains sensors, which can detect the objects in close contact.

The Final Say:

The new Mercedes Benz GLS 580 is a picture perfect SUV. The main aspect of the car is its large interior space. So, if you have a large family, you should buy the Mercedes Benz GLS 580.