On Tuesday, President Trump’s former attorney and ally Michael Cohen admitted before a court jury that Donald Trump commanded him to arranged payments to two women. Cohen’s payments were intended to ensure that the women would not publicize their past affairs with Trump.

Cohen has finally confirmed his actions, thereby completely severing his ties with Trump.

In a surprise move by the attorney, Cohen pleaded guilty to breaking campaign finance laws, among other charges.

He also did not hold back when making the claims.

He stated directly that the president ordered Cohen’s actions “for the principal purpose of influencing the election.”

Cohen also plead guilty to charges of tax evasion and bank fraud. His candid confessions were made following lengthy investigations into Cohen’s personal businesses and dealings.

Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was also convicted of financial fraud today.

Although his trial was not directly related to the criminal investigation into Trump, which is being led by Robert Mueller, it still brought to light the way in which the Trump campaign was probably handled. Manafort both evaded taxes and lied about his businesses’ income.

Considering recent events, it would be easy to forget that Cohen was once incredibly loyal to the president. Cohen went so far as to say that he would take a bullet for Trump.

However, after increased media pressure during last year’s Cohen-related scandals, he decided to cooperate with the prosecutors.

Trump’s legal team was reportedly more concerned about Cohen’s investigation than the direct Trump investigation. The president’s legal team has attempted to blame the former attorney for his actions.

Attorney Rudy Giuliani attempted to frame Cohen as a disloyal friend and partner to the president, trying to direct attention away from the findings of his investigation.

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