jon jones

Jon Jones on UFC Light Heavyweight Champion

Jon Jones is one of the living legends in UFC light heavyweight championship criteria. Moreover, he is one of the greatest mixed martial artists in the current time. Recently he…

By MD Shahbaz Alam    February 9, 2020

Tyson Fury Splits with Trainer Ben Davidson

The renowned British heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury called it quits with his 2-year training partner Ben Davidson. The news comes ahead of his anticipated re-match with Deontay Wilder this February…

By Dennis Juma    December 19, 2019

Tyson Fury splits with trainer Ben Davidson

The Rise and Popularity of MMA as a Sport

MMA stands for Martial Mixed Arts. This sport is a complete contact sports which incorporates different techniques of various martial arts. In MMA, the fighters can strike as well as…

By Arpa Chatterjee    April 23, 2019