Molotov: The New Revolution in Television Watching

It’s not your deadly explosive cocktail, but rather a new coming age for television. Most of us can admit that perusing through an exorbitant number of channels is just downright frustrating, especially when your favorite program is already halfway through its showing or there’s simply nothing entertaining to watch at that particular hour.

The current format of television, most notably, its user interface, is broken. Molotov arrives to the public as the deliverance of a unique television user experience.

“It’s a Spotify or Deezer or Netflix for your TV,” Jean-David Blanc, co-founder of the project, said.

“There is both a sentiment of immediacy with live TV and the possibility to watch shows that already aired and that you missed. And there is everything you need around that.”

Molotov founders argue that the younger generation isn’t watching television for the reasons you might suspect. Social media and other on-demand content offerings like Netflix are not pulling away TV viewers. Television itself is pushing away its audience.

The founders have reason to believe in their arguments since they are more than familiar with the world of television. Pierre Lescure and Jean-David Blanc are both prominent figures in French media. Canal+ is France’s largest premium cable channel, which was co-founded by Lescure, and Blanc co-founded AlloCiné, a high traffic film website that provides reviews and other information on French cinema.

Via: Molotov Press Release
Via: Molotov Press Release

In an interview with Techcrunch Lescure said,

“today’s current TV offering is huge, but you don’t know it because it’s hidden. This is insane, free TV channels spend €3 billion per year in content acquisition alone, and you’re not interested in having a TV. That’s because they don’t tell you what to watch, they don’t show it to you, they don’t give you the opportunity to watch it.”

If something isn’t done to provide a more satisfying experience, then competition from Internet-based companies will swallow television whole.

The team that consists of two others – former TF1 executive Jean-Marc Denoual and Gamekult and Sens Critique co-founder Kevin Kuipers – have already raised $11.2 million from angel investors and European leader in private equity, Idinvest.

The announcement of the new distribution platform follows their submission of an application with France’s broadcasting regulatory authority, the CSA. With legal matters set aside, Molotov can begin Beta testing this summer in France.

It is difficult to describe the features of the new platform in precise detail as the product won’t officially roll out until the fall, but the company’s strategy is to avoid combining live television with online video content that is reminiscent of Boxee. Molotov is intended to be an iteration of modern television.


Photo Credit: Via Molotov Press Release

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