Monroe Firefighters Rescue Mission for Wild Goose; But It Wasn’t Goose

The two suited up to head out on the ice to rescue the injured wild goose.

Monroe Twp Wild Goose Chase
Image: Facebook Austin Schmitt

For the Monroe Township Fire Department, a wild goose chase resulted in an unexpected discovery, which gave the firefighters a chance to share the hilarious episode on social media. The firefighters had rushed to the River Raisin in Michigan, the USA to save a Wild Goose who was reportedly spotted injured and stuck in the frozen river.

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The Firefighters Brian Merkle and Ed Bellman from the Monroe Twp. conducted the rescue mission in River Raisin in Michigan on Tuesday. The township fire department had received information from a family over a call telling that there was possibly a goose or duck injured on the river near Waterloo Park, The Monrow Twp.  The two bravely crossed over the frozen river to reach the point where the reported bird was stuck, only to find that it wasn’t even a real goose or duck. They went 300 feet out, chipped away the ice, picked it up, and there it was, a Goose Decoy, i.e. an imitation piece resembling a Goose, and was finally rescued after the chase ended. A Goose Decoy is generally used by hunters to attract other birds or animals.

Goose Decoy Monroe

Monroe Twp had a Good Training Session

It was an honest effort by the Monroe Township Fire, MCA, and DNR who launched the mission to save the being in distress but rather ended up sharing a good laugh upon the discovery of a decoy. Sharing the hilarious incident, the Monroe Fire Department Chief ‘Mark Cherney’ said that “It ended up being a good training session, actually.” He also said that they are glad they did the activity, to clear any doubts, or else someone from the public or kids may have tried to rescue the supposed duck which could prove risky, given the icy river. Another firefighter ‘Austin Schmitt’, shared the pictures of the rescued ‘Goose Decoy’ on Facebook while sharing the actual scenario.

Monroe Twp Rescue Mission

After the post, netizens posted their reactions and comments as they were in splits about how the story unfolded. Some appreciated the brave attempts by the MTFD firefighters and also expressed gratitude that no one got injured in the process.

Merkle, one of the two firefighters, who rescued the Decoy, also shared pictures on his Facebook account. He said that the Decoy has now got a name-Sharon, and is ‘nesting’.

Monroe Decoy Goose

The River Raisin in Monroe is also known as the most crooked river in the world. The temperatures these days are below freezing points, which has made the river start icing over.


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