Moonlight has officially won 2017’s Best Picture Oscar after La La Land was incorrectly called up as the Oscar winner. The film received eight Oscar nominations for the 89th Academy Awards ceremony.

The 2017 drama was based on the play by Tarell Alvin called In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue. The film was also directed and written by Barry Jenkins.

Alvin and Jenkins won Oscars for the film’s adapted screenplay. Mahershala Ali also won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Juan in Moonlight.

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, stars from the 1967 Bonnie and Clyde, presented the Best Picture category. Dunaway at first announced La La Land as the winners of the Best Picture award.

Although it was later confirmed that Dunaway and Beatty received an incorrect cue card.

As the La La Land crew was half way through their acceptance speech, Moonlight was announced as the true winners of the Best Picture award.

Unexpected Oscar wins have gone to Casey Affleck for his role in Manchester by the Sea. Affleck’s gave a teary speech for his Best Actor in a Leading Role Award win.

Actress in a Leading Role Oscar went to Emma Stone. Her unexpected win came from her role in the 2016 musical La La Land.

The Oscar win for Actress in a Supporting went to Viola Davis for her role in Fences.

Barry Jenkins commented that even in his dreams, this win couldn’t be true. Although he commented that he is done with dreams now because Moonlight’s win is true.

Even though La La Land didn’t win the Best Picture Award, director Damien Chazelle won Best Director Oscar. Chazelle has made Academy history by being one of the youngest directors at age 32 to win an Oscar.

Reportedly there were two cue cards at the Oscars that read Emma Stone for La La Land. One was allegedly accidentally given to Dunaway and Beatty near the end of the program.

Hopefully, the incorrect reading as La La Land as the Best Picture win wasn’t a bad publicity stunt.

The film Moonlight displays a coming of age story about a young African-American boy growing up in a rough Miami neighborhood.