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Ascertaining new places which can make you feel amazing is the desire of all and sundry. We find out a number of places in the world that are really the sources of inspiration because of human architecture because of the eye-grabbing look.  Formation of hard rigid and traveling dogs and a waterfall of molten lava is also one of the aspects of the landscapes of the world. Ther are many landscapes which are the source of inspiration for all of us. Some of these beautiful landscapes have been described below:

Kingley Vale, Sussex, the United Kingdom

In this region, many long twisted and noble Taxus baccata trees, commonly known as yew trees are present of these trees are so long.  They are the most ancient thing present in Britain. They are about 2000 years old. They are used to make longbows of boats. Hence, they are of great importance. This landscape has its own worth.

Fairy Chimneys

Turkey Fairy chimneys present in Turkey are one of the greatest wonders. They are made as a result of the soft rocks that are placed one over the other. When these rocks remain at a constant place for thousands of years, they form a basalt column, which is too hard to break. It is of great importance only because of the reason that people had made caves underneath these salty rocks. These caves are used in the case when invaders pass through them.

Giant’s Causeway, NorthernIreland

It is one of the grand landscapes of the world. As per is formation is concerned, there are two stories related to it. One is a story made by some account, while the other is a logical and less fascinating story. As the first story is about the Giant’s Causeway was formed by Finn Maccoll. So that he could face off all his Scottish rivals. Wild other stories face that these pillars are formed as a result of cooling down the contraction of lava for thousands of years.

Great Blue Hole, Belize

The great blue hole is one of the biggest holes in the world. It is 300m wide and 125 m deep. This hole came into existence when the sea level rose to a great extent a thousand years ago. The recent three-dimensional view of this blue hole was given by the trips made by sonar, underneath the water. This three-dimensional view showed that there was mineral formation beside the whole.

Cano Cristales, Colombia

Cano Cristales is also known as the river of five colors. When there is hot and dry weather in Columbia, there is a riot of green red and yellow color. This vibrant and shocking appearance of three colors is just due to the presence of a plant under the water. The red color appears only between September and November. Now, as far as swimming is concerned, swimmers are allowed to swim only in a limited region.

Dead Vlei, Namibia

It is one of the largest and biggest dunes in the world. Now it is very much deserted because of the intense and harsh change in the temperature of the environment.

Chocolate Hills, Philippines

These chocolate hills were first for granted as a landscape made by some children. But later it was found some natural thing. They are 1268 in numbers. They are formed by the reaction of water and erosion for several thousands of years ago. Lake Hillier, Australia This pink lake is 600m long and 250mwide. It has pink color due to algae. Actually, these algae form an unnatural hue of the salty water.

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