My Brand New Year’s Resolution 2021, and Probably Beyond…

While I was scrolling down Facebook a day or two ago, I glanced through a post where the person wanted to “cut off ties with toxic people.” Nay, it was that person’s NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION!

brand new year's resolution

My brand new year’s resolution was coming anyway, even if I had not read some bizarre post a few days back related to others’ toxicity. While I was scrolling down Facebook a day or two ago, I glanced through a post where the person wanted to “cut off ties with toxic people.” Nay, it was that person’s NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION!

For the last two years, I have been writing my own version of New Year’s Resolution. However, each year, I remained unsuccessful in satisfying myself concerning the pursuit of those goals.


Probably, this year should be excluded as any usual year, for this year was not made for fulfilling the resolutions. The outgoing year was more about survival from the pandemic.

Still, my last two years were immune from the COVID or any material impediment as they were more about the superstructural and metaphysical in nature. Each year, I was concerned about religion and ideology, which I longed to give up for a religiously and ideologically-neutral world.

But now, on the brink of 2020, where I can see no more than the inaugurating day of the coming year, I can sense the futility of my earlier resolutions. For religion was never meant to be divorced; ideology not to be stripped off. At least some 99 percent of the world population thinks so. For most of them are attached to one or another belief system and with ideologies, though often hostile to each other.

In contrast with my earlier belief, I now ask myself: “What’s the harm in sticking to one of those religions and ideologies, and political parties, to which people attach to more often than not?”

After all, it must be funny (if not scary) to tell a believer that you don’t believe in religion at all or telling them that all belief systems are the same since the point towards the same reality: God, who may be recognized under a different name across a different religion.

One possible reversal of my earlier internal revolution of mind that was audaciously publicized could be my own timidity. I don’t believe in killing in the name of religion, even less in being crucified while deviating from an established norm.

Yet, even after this “homecoming” of the sort, there are things insensible to a naïve mind like me. For instance, why are we humans always eager to ‘exorcise’ others’ toxicity instead of attending more immediate care of self-exploration? Why every one of us brands ourselves an embodiment of righteousness and infallibility at the expense of others?

My Brand New Year’s resolution has diminished in size, ambition, and claims, not only because it is less risky but also because it is from where we ought to start instead of setting higher goals and designs that are too lofty to achieve.

So, this year, my resolution is to stay away from the toxicity of my own mind!

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