Myanmar Sees Deadliest Day As 38 Protesters Killed

The violent suppression of protestors has attracted international criticism and sanctions, which the military has so far ignored.

Myanmar sees deadliest day as 38 protesters killed
Protesters hold large three-fingered salute cutouts while onboard a vehicle in Yangon, Myanmar on Mo...

Myanmar witnessed the deadliest day of protests on Wednesday, with as many as thirty-eight people dead. The UN has described it as the “bloodiest day” since the coup unfolded on February 1. Christine Schraner Burgener, the UN’s special envoy to Burma said that disturbing footages were coming out of the country.

Local media reports suggested that security forces fired live rounds and rubber bullets. Since the military took control of the country, it has seen continued protests and acts of civil disobedience have been seen across Myanmar. The demonstrators have been calling on the military regime to immediately release Aung San Suu Kyi and other detained leaders.


Moreover, the violent suppression of protestors has attracted international criticism and sanctions, which the military has so far ignored. Reacting to the latest fatalities, the US said that it was considering further action against the country’s army, while the UK called for an emergency UN Security Council meeting on Friday. The bloodiest day comes after Burma’s neighbors urged to exercise restraint.

Burgener added that so far as many as 50 people have died in the anti-coup protests. She further added that one video showed the police officials beating a medical crew and another showed demonstrators being shot and probably killed on the streets of Myanmar. Meanwhile, the local media outlets reported that police opened fire on large crowds in cities and towns, including Yangon.

Reuters reported that in Monywa, at least six people died during the protests with nearly 30 wounded. However, the military is yet to comment on the fatalities. Burgener has urged the United Nations to take strict action against the military -regime. Nevertheless, more sanctions are being considered by Washington as well as other European countries.

Ned Price, the US State Department’s spokesperson, stated that the US was “appalled” by Wednesday’s violence. He further urged China, a historically of Myanmar, to bring its influence to end the crisis. Additionally, Pope Francis also called for dialogue to prevail over violence.

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