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Many beauty companies are present in the market today. NakedPoppy is a recently launched tech-beauty company. Its co-founders are Kimberly Shenk and Jaleh Bisharat. They are an impressive couple. Bisharat is the company’s chief executive officer, having a commanding presence in the market, whereas Shenk is a data-focused product officer.

Currently, Both of them are working together to make the startup NakedPoppy. It is a company where people can buy the high quality and clean makeup, ethically made without any harmful chemicals. The startup launched today, with $4 million investment from investors, like Cowboy Ventures, Maveron, Khosla Ventures, Slow Ventures, and Polaris Ventures.

Bisharat doesn’t consider conventional makeup as reliable. She states, “The EPA has declared conventional makeup as a hazardous waste. However, you can make yourself better and go clean by using our products.”

NakedPoppy isn’t just a website for buying makeup products and getting beauty tips. You can find many natural beauty tips all over the internet. NakedPoppy is also a tech company. The patent-pending personalization algorithm of the startup helps a person find the best makeup for his or her skin tone. In order to do this, customers have to undergo a three-minute assessment test. They also need to give a photo of their wrist, which will help to pinpoint their skin tone.

The startup’s product chief Shenk says, “I am not the kind of person who keeps up with the YouTube stars or the latest trends. I also get annoyed when I walk into Sephora. I am the kind of person who sets it and then forgets it. Just give me the right products and let’s move on.” Bisharat clarifies that NakedPoppy’s main target is the busy woman. The company is also targeting the kind of woman who doesn’t shop for makeup, solely for entertainment.

The Company hopes that its algorithm method will help the women who consider shopping for makeup a hassle and not a hobby. The startup accounts for skin color, skin undertone, eye color, hair color, allergies, and sensitivities. Afterwards, it gives each customer a list of 400 items it carries, including blush, lipsticks, foundation, and many others. The startup wants to make sure that beauty products are clean. So, Cosmetic chemists pass each product through the screening process to ensure that they were made with clean ingredients.

Other than the official launch, NakedPoppy has also debuted its original product: The Liquid Eyeliner. Many beauty experts, including a VC, screened this product. Susan Lyne, the BBG Ventures managing partner, said, “This is an awesome product.” Lyne is also the biggest investor in NakedPoppy. She adds, “Many eyeliners get dry within a few weeks and get hard to apply. NakedPoppy Eyeliner is still as flexible today as the day I used it. It is also quite natural and washes easily with soap. So, it is the best thing in the market and pretty perfect.”

Indeed, the two women behind NakedPoppy know exactly what they are doing. You can say that these women could use their marketing and data expertise to create almost anything. However, their passion was to pursue makeup.

“It’s a personal passion for us and an area of information. For example, most people know that they should eat healthy and organic foods. People assume that the FDA just protects them which isn’t true,” said Bisharat, “Our mission is to educate women and help them reach towards new solutions.”

Bisharat and Shenk haven’t told anyone about the kind of strategies they will use to attract their customers. They haven’t said whether they will collaborate with social media influencers, open brick-and-mortar shops or use other tactics. However, Shenk and Bisharat have revealed that they are making additional original products. They will also launch self-care products in the future.

NakedPoppy hopes to make clean makeup accessible to every woman. Only a dozen large companies have owned many big makeup brands. However, involving tech into the makeup industry is a relatively new concept that will attract many customers around the world. Let us hope that NakedPoppy turns out to be a complete success.

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