NATO, EU Invite Biden To Rebuild Transatlantic Ties

In a phone call, Biden, NATO chief Stoltenberg discuss transatlantic alliance, collective security.

NATO, EU Invite Biden To Rebuild Transatlantic Ties
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As US President-elect Joe Biden gets close to assuming the presidential office, a top European Union official and the NATO head have invited him to meet with Washington’s European allies and rebuild transatlantic ties next year.

On Monday, European Council President Charles Michel and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg congratulated Biden on his victory in the US Presidential election and invited the President-elect to visit the headquarters of military alliances in Brussels–which is also the hub of the European Union.


According to the statement issued by the military alliance, NATO had appreciated Biden’s continuous support for NATO and his belief in building a strong transatlantic relationship, while the EU’s Michel asked Biden to work on re-building the European-American ties.

Meanwhile, the bloc’s statement also highlighted the President-elect’s support of preserving stability and peace on the extremely sensitive Irish border as the EU braces for Brexit. Biden also explicitly told the British government to honor their Brexit deal as it protects peace on the sensitive island of Ireland or else there will be no US-Britain trade deal.

For the European Union, Biden’s win in the presidential election brings a significant change of tone from the US. During the Trump administration, the block was in the horns with Washington as Trump praised Brexit and pulled the US out of the climate pact.

Trump has been repeatedly hostile to the NATO alliance and criticized its European allies for spending very little on its defense. On the other hand, there was an important development in Washington as Trump officially agreed to begin the transition process, which has been welcomed by Biden’s team. However, Trump continues to refuse to concede to his rivals’ victory. He repeated the unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud and irregularities.

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