NBA legend Michael Jordan donating $100 million to social justice groups

Jordan, considered by many to be the greatest NBA player in history, has an estimated net worth of $2.1 billion.

NBA legend Michael Jordan donating $100 million to social justice groups

On Friday, Michael Jordan said he is creating a historic $100 million donation –amid a surge of protests throughout the United States– to organizations advocating for racial equality and social justice.

In a statement, the NBA legend said that his Jordan Brand would allocate the money over 10 years to different organizations; in an attempt to stamp out “engrossed racism.”

Besides, the pledge is considered to be the biggest financial input ever made by a sports figure to non-profit groups. 

“It’s 2020, and our family now includes anyone who aspires to our way of life,” said Jordan and his Jordan Brand in a joint statement.

“Yet as much as things have changed, the worst remains the same. 

“Black lives matter. This is not a debatable argument. Until the ingrained racism that enables the institutions of our country to fail is wholly eradicated; also, we’ll remain committed to protecting and improving Black people’s lives, “the statement added. 

“We announce today that over the next 10 years, Michael Jordan and Jordan Brand will donate $100 million; to organizations committed to supporting racial equality, social justice, and increased access to education.” 

Jordan ‘s contribution came after a week of widespread national outrage in the United States after an innocent black man died while in police custody. 


Large-scale protests held in all 50 states, with protesters calling for an end to police brutality and systemic racism following the death of George Floyd on 25 May.

Statement from Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan, considered by many to be the greatest NBA player in history, has an estimated net worth of $2.1 billion. Also, he already released a heartfelt statement condemning the killing of Floyd.

“I am deeply saddened, really pained and plainly angry,” said Jordan, 57, last Sunday. “We had enough.”

Jordan’s donation and recent impassioned comments followed skepticism about his inability to pursue a more active role in activist movements during his playing career.

In the latest “The Last Dance” documentary, he discussed his notorious quip that he had drifted out of politics because “Republicans purchase sneakers too.”

Moreover, Jordan said the point was a sarcastic remark and intended as a joke.

Jordan noted that he never saw himself in the manner of former heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali, as an activist athlete.

“I commend Muhammad Ali to stand up for what he believed in,” said Jordan. “But I was never thinking of myself as an activist. I was thinking of myself as a basketball player.”

Jordan accepted that in some quarters, his apolitical stance might appear selfish.

“When I played my sport, I wasn’t an activist. I focused on my game,” Jordan said. “Was that selfish? Possibly. But that’s where my energy was.”

Instead, Jordan said he’d tried to set an example by his successes as an athlete.

He said he lives his life to set examples. And anyone can be inspired, and he will continue to do that. 

If it doesn’t?(inspire) Then maybe I’m not the person you should be following.”

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