Nepali Climbers Create World Record By Climbing K2 in Winters

The climbers who initially belonged to different expedition groups were later in the same team, which created history.

Nepali Climbers Summit K2
Image: Twitter @everesttoday

Nepali Climbers created history on Saturday, as they became the first climbers in the world to summit the 28,251 foot K2 in winters. K2, located in the ‘Karakoram’ range on the China-Pakistan border in Northern Pakistan, is the second-largest mountain in the world. Also known as the ‘Savage Mountain’, as described by a foreign climber, K2 is most dangerous to scale in the winter season.

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Many climbers have attempted to summit K2 in winters earlier, however, they were unsuccessful and several climbers have lost their lives in the deadly scaling missions on K2. The first failed bid occurred in 1987-88, almost 3 decades before it became finally successful on Saturday, Jan 16, 2021.

K2 Summit accomplished in Winters

10 Nepali Climbers Achieve the World Feat with Collaboration

A team of 10 Nepali climbers summited K2 at 17:00 hour’s local time as notified by @nimsdai on their Twitter account. The 10 members including Mountaineer ‘Nirmal Purja’ shared pictures of the 10- member team standing victorious on the peak of the K2. The successful trek was also confirmed by the expedition organizer Seven Summit Treks. Mountaineer Purja posted pictures of the success on Twitter while saying that collaboration, teamwork, and a positive mental attitude have been instrumental for making the achievement possible.

Seven Summit Trek

Nepali Climbers Sing National Anthem on K2

Upon reaching close to the peak of K2, the team waited for all members to assemble 10 meters below the summit and finally stepped together on the summit. It was a celebratory moment as the 10 Nepali climbers sang their national anthem when they put their foot on the summit and created the world record. Team Mingma G and Sona Sherpa SST formed the historic team.

Nepali Climbers

The K2 Mountain, which is part of the 8000 meters and above high mountains list has various challenging trek points and also has a bottleneck which makes it dangerous for the climbers to trek. In winters, the situation becomes worse with icy winds and hurricane force. The air temperatures are below -65 degrees and the oxygen levels are apparently dipping in the highest altitudes. The climbers must have a zero-error strategy to avoid any catastrophic consequences. This rocky mountain is among the deadliest of the five highest peaks, so much such that one out of the four climbers die during the summit.

Praises pour in for the Nepali Climbers who achieve the Dangerous Expedition

Sona Sherpa SSt

As the news of the Nepali climbers spread on social media, people were thrilled to acknowledge the achievements of the climbers, especially the Nepalese climbing community rejoiced with the news and the recognition. However, along with the good news, there was news of a Spanish climber who fell down 1,640 feet down and died in a separate expedition on K2.


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