A couple kickstarted a blanket designed to be thick as a down comforter but keeps you chilled instead of warm. It’s called Chill: the comforter that’s cool.

The idea behind the blanket is to reduce the cost of air conditioning without having to use a thinner blanket. According to the creators, the blanket has copper micro-beads woven between two linen layers.

Presumably, the beads are too small to cause discomfort but add volume and weight to the sheet. Those beads also draw heat away from the body which creates the desired chilling effect. The blanket is also lined at the top with a down-like snuggle-bar. It’s basically a pillow across the top that makes the blanket similar to a down comforter.

Ryan Janssen and his wife Jessica Lowe created the Chill comforter. “People crank the AC at night, so they can still use their down comforters. That’s one of the reasons air conditioning wastes $11 billion and releases 100 million tons of carbon dioxide each year in the U.S. alone,” said Janssen. “Chill keeps you comfortable and cool without the AC.”

Lowe’s motivation for the blanket is that snuggling is a logistical problem. “I realized we weren’t holding each other at night anymore because it was just too hot,” she said.

The Kickstarter is still early on in days. So far the startup has raised over $16,500 from 48 backers. Donors contribute to a manufacturing process, which would reduce the cost of the comforter from $6,000 to $600. People can pre-order the comforter for $300 for the remaining 23 days of the kickstarter campaign.

The New York couple said that their new comforter could have “far-reaching societal benefits.” Which is true. The blanket could possibly reduce the use of AC in warm climates and bring couples closer. The comforter could also be the first step toward victory in the war for finding the cool side of all bed dressings.