New Zealand Reports No New Coronavirus Cases Now

This is the first time since the outbreak took hold in mid-March that New Zealand is reporting zero new cases.

new zealand records no new cases

New Zealand health authorities have reported Monday no new cases of coronavirus for the first time since the outbreak took hold of the country in mid-March. This encouraging news comes a week after the country eased its lockdown restrictions from level 4 to level 3.

On Monday, the director-general of health told the reporters that it is an encouraging sign as the death toll remained at 20, and zero news cases were reported. He went to give credit to the public and authorities who collaborated to eliminate the virus from the country.

Bloomfield said, “It is symbolic of the effort everyone has put in”. On Tuesday, the country also eased to reopen the economy, and its lockdown appeared to have curbed the spread. But some restrictions remain in place.

Social distancing restrictions are still there as many businesses and shops remain close. Children and other students are learning from home, and the government has also encouraged the citizens to work from home.


The direct-general urged the people to practice social distancing to make sure that the virus does not come back. New studies on the respiratory disease show that the virus can make a comeback as it has in many countries, including China and European countries.

He added that these are symbolic encouraging news, but still, there is a need for caution. As of Monday, the confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country remain 1,137, with 20 fatalities.

The government is expected to make further decisions to lose the social distancing restriction and allowing businesses to reopen on May 11. Ardern’s government has been praised globally for its early response to the outbreak.

It banned all the foreign travel and restricted the intra-province travel in the country as early as March. On Monday, Winston Peters backed the calls for a proposed trans-Tasman bubble that would allow the movement of people from Australia to New Zealand. He added that such a step could work well.

Australia has so far not recorded fatalities as other countries around the world. As of Sunday, it has a total of 6,800 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 95 fatalities. However, on Monday, it recorded the biggest surge in the number of new cases, 26 cases were reported across three states.

Recently, New Zealand’s rugby team could travel to Australia to train for the upcoming tournament after the 14 days of quarantine. The possibility of using trans-Tasman is high as both countries are considering the option.

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