Nick Cannon has reportedly commented that he plans to leave NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Allegedly the network and Cannon had a falling out over a joke the actor told on a Showtime comedy special.

In the Showtime special, Cannon reportedly told a racially charged joke on NBC. The actor allegedly used NBC as an acronym to incorporating a racial slur.

In a lengthy Facebook post this Monday, Cannon commented that NBC executives threatened to terminate him over the joke.

Cannon commented that after days of deliberating the termination threats from NBC, he felt as if he was being punished for his joke. The actor and comedian also stated that he only intended to bring communities closer together with comedy.

Although he had a bad falling out with the network, Cannon wished America’s Got Talent and NBC the best during its upcoming season. He did reiterate on Facebook that he cannot see himself returning back to the show anytime soon.

In Cannon’s Facebook post, NBC reportedly believed that the host breached his contract because he insulted their brand. The America’s Got Talent host stated that he doesn’t want to be silenced for controlled by the network.

Nick Cannon has served as America’s Got Talent host since 2009. The show has consistently been NBC’s highest rated show during the summer seasons.

He also commented that walking away from the show has been hard on him because he loves the fans. The host also commented that it was never about money for him, but he wants to stand for his moral principles.

In his social media post, he discussed how only six major corporations run ninety percent of the entertainment industry. The host stated that due to this fact there are less minority executives working on TV.

With this being the case, Cannon stated, true equality in the film industry is impossible.

NBC has yet to comment on Nick Cannon’s departure from the competition show.