Nicolas Maduro survives assassination attempt, six men arrested

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On Saturday, a group of terrorists attempted to assassinate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in the middle of a televised speech. Merely two days afterward, the country’s interior minister announced that six people who were reportedly involved in the attack had been arrested.

The assault was caused by several drones armed with explosives that flew over his military parade, which he later attributed to far-right politicians and international conflict with Colombia. Six men were arrested with charges of having performed terrorism and attempted to commit the assassination. Some of the participants had previously been arrested, one due to their involvement with a terrorist attack in Valencia and another due to participating in protests.

DJI, the company that makes the drone used for the latest attack, stated that they never endorsed the use of their technology for violent purposes, and will help with the government’s investigation. The used explosives could have caused damage in a 50-meter radius, potentially hurting several other politicians and armed forces in attendance.

Government officials apparently managed to deviate the coming drones and make the explosions happen in places that wouldn’t hurt the president. The country’s communications minister weighed in on the subject, stating:

The majority of those responsible have been detained. Not only are they confessing, the government has also been able to examine the material that was in their possession, as well as some of the electronic devices they had including cell phones and computers … There were three explosions. The first explosion was caused by a drone in front of the presidential stage, the second drone lifted up and exploded on the right side of the stage. This was the one that caused some of the relatives of the soldiers that were at the parade to run to the left. The third drone exploded near a building, south of the stage.”

Maduro chose to engage in his usual targeting of far-right sources and international enemies to explain the attacks. He mentioned that many of the attackers were Venezuelans that lives in the United States and were working with Colombia and its president.

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