Nicole Kidman has earned her fame and success through great performances in films like Moulin Rouge, The Hours, Eyes Wide Shut, Dead Calm, The Golden Compass and many more. The 47 year-old Australian actress is still just as beautiful and popular today amongst filmmakers.

However, the actress claims that it isn’t always easy to stay that way in Hollywood. Kidman said that it is especially difficult for women to keep their career going in show business. She tries to bring about more opportunities for women in the industry and claims that the industry is “not an even playing the field.”

Kidman said that women in this field always have to work much harder than their men counterparts. Kidman said,

“We’re all working and banding together and trying to change that and that’s what’s needed. We also need to put cameras in little girls’ hands and get them to tell stories and increase their confidence so that they can feel powerful.”

She went on to say,

“Hollywood is like the boyfriend who doesn’t call you as often, that’s kind of like what Hollywood is to women filmmakers. There is a little a bit of neglect in terms of recognizing the imagination and talent women filmmakers have… of older actresses who might be past the window of when the industry says they’re valuable. There’s so much of that going on so it’s certainly something we all have to work to correct.”

Via Flickr/Red Carpet Report on Mingle Media TV