Nine Amusing Facts About Koalas You Should Know

Koalas are one of the most adorable animals we humans know about. Their cuteness can melt even the coldest of the hearts, that too without much ado.

Facts about Koalas

While Koalas are very popular and lovable animals, many of us don’t know much about them. There are several fun facts about koalas that people might not know like they are vulnerable to local extinction in NSW now. Sad but true. 

However, today we are here to tell you some lesser-known and amusing facts about this tree-dwelling Australian animal. Let’s dive into some Interesting Facts About Koalas:

Koalas aren’t bears

You might have heard about the term koala bears, but interestingly koalas are more related to marsupials – they aren’t related to bears at all. Many people have falsely believed that they belong to the bear family because of their cute fluffy body, round ears, and prominent nose. 

Baby koalas in the pouch

Facts about Koalas- Pouch

Baby koalas, known as a joey, climb immediately in their mother’s pouch after birth. For about six months, the baby koalas stay in their mother’s pouch and then ride on their mother’s back for another six months. They feed and sleep only using the pouch. 

Koalas’ height and weight

Koalas are tiny creatures who are only 60cms to 85cms long, and they weigh around 14kgs. How tiny, my heart!

Found in Eastern Australia

Koalas are largely found in Eastern Australia, in the beautiful eucalyptus forests. They live on the branches of trees, have grey fur all over the body, cream color chest, and strong claw feet that help to climb. 

Blind and earless infants

One of the unbelievable facts about koalas is that their infants are born blind and earless. They use their strong sense of smell and touch to find their way. 

Fussy eaters- Eat up to 1 kg of eucalyptus leaves 

Koala eating Eucalyptus leaves.

Yet another fun fact about koalas is that these tiny creatures are big-time eaters. They can eat up to 1kg eucalyptus leaves in a day! Further, they tend to be choosy and eat only the most nutritious and tasty leaves around them. 

Rarely they drink

Koalas get hydrated majorly from the leaves they eat. They rarely drink water in their lifetime. In fact, the name koala originated from the aboriginal term that means “no drink”. Isn’t this one of the strangest facts about koalas?

Enjoy snoozing

facts about koalas- sleeping

Our furry friend enjoys having a snooze. Koalas don’t have much energy; thus when not having food, they spend their time dozing on some branch. They can sleep for 18 hours a day. 

Have long digestive organ

Eucalyptus leaves are very tough and poisonous, but koalas, with their long digestive organs, can digest it and stay unharmed. This long digestive organ of the koala is called the caecum

Their habitat is in threat

Koalas are not yet endangered species – they are protected by law, but their habitat is in threat. Regrettably, approx 80% of koalas have been lost in bush fires, drought, and human homes. But the good news is we together can turn this around and save this cuddly animal. 

You can add more to these amazing koala facts – leave a comment below! 

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