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As we wake up every day to new horrors perpetrated by the Trump Administration, such as the government ripping families apart and using children as political pawns, it is very easy to feel nostalgic of America’s good ol’ progressive days under the Obama Administration. With a respectful demeanor, a kindhearted family, and a true capability for public speaking, how could one not miss President Obama? Lately, it’s become pretty evident that U.S. Citizens are realizing just how good they had it from 2008 to 2016.

Two pretty random things- an ancient sea creature and an elementary school- have both recently been named after Obama, proving just how much America misses its former Commander-in-Chief.

A 500 million-year-old fossil was recently discovered by scientists from the University of California, Riverside, and they decided: who better to name this small ocean wonder after than our former President, Barack Obama!

The fossil was named after Obama to honor his love of science. In a statement from the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, the scientists said:

Obamus coronatus, a name that honors President Barack Obama’s passion for science. This disc-shaped creature was between 0.5-2 cm across with raised spiral grooves on its surface. Obamus coronatus did not seem to move around, rather it was embedded to the ocean mat, a thick layer of organic matter that covered the early ocean floor.”

An elementary school in Richmond, Virginia seem to have gone through the same thought process as the scientists from UC Riverside.

Initially, the Virginian school was named for a Confederate General who fought to preserve slavery, J.E.B. Stuart. The elementary school, which has a 90% black student population, will now be named after the United States’ first black President. Jason Kamras, the SuperIntendent of Richmond Schools, stated:

“I couldn’t think of a more fitting change in the arc of history to have a school named after our first African-American president.”

Kenya Gibson, a school board member, stated:

“I am really thankful that we finally rejected the celebratory symbols of our racist history, In Richmond we have had lots of discussions about our monuments, and the school name is certainly a part of our legacy. It is time to move on from that.”

From Obamus coronatus to Barack Obama Elementary School, our former President’s dignity and dedication to progress shall live on.

It’s easy to miss Obama, especially nowadays. However, we don’t have to live as Trump does; we don’t have to be full of hate, we don’t have to ignore proveable phenomena such as climate change, and we definitely don’t have to live without any humanity. We can follow Obama’s example and respect others, use science, and live with kindness!

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons