Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons

When most people think about the reason for an emergency plane landing, they usually assume the worse case scenarios like a tired pilot, no fuel, sick passengers or engine problems. But never would someone guess an odor.

Well, NBC News reported that a Spirit Airlines flight traveling from New York to Florida diverted to South Carolina after passengers aboard complained of burning throats and chest pains due to an odor they described smelled like “dirty socks.”

The Spirit Airlines Flight 779 was on route from New York to Flordia when the plane’s two-hundred-twenty passengers smelled an odor that developed in a section of the aircraft. Upon passengers complaints, the plane quickly landed in Myrtle Beach.

Officials linked the odor to an unidentified substance or chemical. But after careful inspection of the aircraft, hazmat crews and Myrtle Beach Fire Department found no signs of a substance and cleared the aircraft of any potential risks.

“After specific monitoring and hazmat crews entering into the fuselage no substances were found,” Myrtle Beach Fire Department Lt. Christian Sliker said. “The plane is all clear.”

However, NBC News noted,

Despite no substances being discovered, fire officials say seven to 10 passengers were transported to an area hospital. Their condition was not immediately known.

As for the other passengers, a different aircraft flew travelers from Myrtle Beach to Fort Lauderdale. The plane landed in Fort Lauderdale at 5 a.m. Friday.