Simone Biles after wining gold medal on vaut at 2016 Rio


Laurent Landi replaces coach Aimee Boorman to lead Simone Biles to the next Olympic Game Tokyo 2020.  Before taking up this position, Laurent Landi was a retired French-American artistic gymnastics, then former coach at the Olympic Gymnastics Academy until 2017. According to Flogymnastics Simone’s parents made this choice after consultation with Rhonda Faehn, Vice President of the USA Women’s Gymnastics Program.  


New blood for grander goals

The world championship and the Olympic Games are the favorite places for Simone to compete. To reach this higher ambition, her family decided to give her a new coach. Nonetheless, her former one Aimee Boorman is still a very talented American artistic gymnastics coach. She was the head coach for 2013, 2014, 2015 world champion, and 2016 Olympic All-Around gold medalist.  Nonetheless, replaced in favor of the retired French-American gymnast, Laurent Landi. He was before coach at the World Championship Centre.  Speaking out in these terms Biles said:

“I am very much looking forward to working with Laurent, and eager to return to the competition world with my eyes on Tokyo 2020” reported the Houston Chronicle.

 Perfect complicity between both

“It’s an honor for me to coach the most decorated gymnast in the United States,” said   Landi. As for the athlete, it’s total satisfaction. “Sometimes some coaches are stressed, but for Laurent, this is not the case” Reassures Simone once again in the online journal Flogymnastics, in its edition of October 17, 2017.

Why change a team that wins?

“Typically I win all the competitions I participated […]” says Simone during an interview in London, on March 19 at the microphone of the journalists on ITV on the program “Good Morning Britain”. Yet the cream of the world gymnastics dropped Aimee Boorman, with whom she won every competition. In opposition to what some people think, Simone Biles is not superhuman; says the new coach. She is human like any other human, so subject to weaknesses.

For Landi, Biles is sufficiently good technically, and his biggest path is self-confidence. “She’s not confident enough on the bar, said the new coach to the US Gymnastics YouTube channel. According to him, Simone’s success has no limit, as long as she is healthy, and remains motivated. Yet he recognizes also that Biles is a Human. Even though is a great athlete, who won all the competitions which she has competed. However, the new coach thinks the gymnast has some gaps to fill to keep her form to win even more new titles. 

Was the promise kept?

Since this change, the constancy continues. Biles had won two major international competitions. Three national titles, and named the most dominant athlete in 2018 by the prestigious ESPN Magazine. It is also a piece of good news for US fans. They can’t stop replaying on social media. She’s the best on earth says a follower on her Facebook page. She will sweep the Olympic Game next year pointed out another one on Twitter, we cannot wait. But with 20 medals in the Olympic and world championships, who can prevent the most successful female US gymnast of all time from wanting to accumulate more records.