One Billion People Could Become Infected with Coronavirus Globally

  • Global coronavirus cases could reach one billion according to IRC.
  • IRC also estimated a possible 3 million deaths globally with more cases from developing countries.
Coronavirus cases could reach 1 billion globally
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The International Rescue Committee (IRC) said financial and humanitarian support is vital to slow down the global spread of coronavirus.

IRC said countries like Syria and Afghanistan are “fragile countries” in need of “urgent funding” to prevent a major outbreak. It also warned that there’s a small amount of time left to give a robust response. 

Meanwhile, confirmed cases of coronavirus have exceeded 3 million globally, and over 200,000 deaths. This is according to Johns Hopkins University in the US.



The IRC’s report relies on data and models from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Imperial College London. And it estimates a possible 500 million to 1 billion global infection. 

Furthermore, it also claimed that there could be about 3 million deaths, with more cases from unstable countries. 

David Miliband, the head of the IRC, said these figures should serve as a wake-up call. 

He also added that fragile and war-torn countries are yet to feel the full devastating and disproportionate impact of this pandemic. He said, “the key now is for donors to put flexible funding behind frontline efforts urgently.”

In addition, governors must cooperate to eliminate any impediment to humanitarian aid. 

Factors that could increase the risk of coronavirus 

IRC, a US-based group that responds to humanitarian crises globally, listed some important factors that could increase the risk of a significant outbreak. These factors include family size, healthcare capacity, population density, household size, and pre-existing conflicts. 

Although many developing countries have low official rates of infection, it is believed that the actual figures are much higher. 

Caroline Seguin, who’s in charge of medical charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Yemen, said they believed people are already dying of coronavirus, but not just in hospitals. 

She told BBC that they are convinced that local transmission is ongoing. However, testing capacity is very low. 

Me Seguin said the recent outbreak of measles and cholera in Yemen makes the country very vulnerable. 

“The health system is collapsing… and for sure, the ministry of health is not able to cope with this disease,” she said.

Besides, lack of equipment for treating coronavirus patients is the major issue facing unstable and developing countries. 

Moreover, in Pakistan and Afghanistan, there are less than ten ventilators available per 1 million people. However, the case is worse in Nigeria, with 0.8 Ventilators to every 1 million people. 

To put this in context, Italy has the highest death toll in the world, with 80 ventilators per 1 million people. 

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