It’s 2016. Decades after women gained the right to vote in the United States, women are still trying to level the social playing field. Over the past several years, women have been dominating the work force, higher education, and most recently politics. So why is there still such a huge gap between men and women in what is considered one of the most progressive countries in the world? Moreover, why don’t more men believe in solving this issue?

NowThis recently reported that 56% of men do not think sexism exists in the United States anymore. While about 2 out of every 3 women believe that gender equality is still a big problem in this country. That ratio is very alarming considering the differences between the rights that men and women have.

The average women makes 79 cents for every dollar that her male counterparts will earn. This number is even lower for minority women in the country. Women also make up only 20%of congress and only 4% of CEO’S at Fortune 500 companies are women. These numbers are alarming seeing as the last US Census found that 50.8% of the US was female while 49.2% of the nation is male. The population of the nation is now split pretty evenly. Why aren’t the rights between the genders split evenly too?

Most women who recognize these issues understand why this is a serious issue that needs to be discussed. But many men fail to understand why this affects them directly too. With divorce rates at an all-time high, more and more women are becoming single mothers. Because the traditional family model is starting to disappear, it more important than ever before that women be paid and treated the same as men in the work force. In a majority of custody cases and divorce settlements, the mother is named the primary caregiver of the children. How can anyone expect a woman to do so if she is making less than males?

Outside of the household, men of the United States should still be concerned with leveling the playing field. Most American citizens say they reside in this country because they believe in the ‘equality’ and ‘equal opportunity’ that this nation provides. Many of the most notable and influential politicians of this nation base their entire campaigns on that belief. If men of this country truly believe in that notion, then why does this problem still exist? If everyone is given the same inalienable rights, then why can’t a woman be paid for the same work as men. Why is ‘Equal Pay for Equal Work’ still such a radical statement. And why don’t more men of this country consider themselves feminist?

Women have been questioning the ‘rights’ they have been given by society fir years. The unfair treatment of women of every nationality needs to stop because the United States is seen as a role model for many other nations of the globe, it needs to lead the charge. Women of the US have been doing what men have been doing for decades. its time this country started treating them like they have been.