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Pakistan is a beautiful country and full of good people, including some bad who do not conform to the good ones. The country that was attained in the name of religion in 1947, has people who tend to be religious at large. But the country is encircled by an evil world, always conspiring against it.

Here, the particular case of Asia Bibi that could describe how the world has been pursuing its agenda in the country and gets what it wants from the evil politicians and those who have the judicial authorities.

In 2009, a shocking incident took place in Pakistan when a Christian woman named Asia Bibi committed blasphemy. It was said that she had initially dared to drink from the same cup in which a Muslim co-worker would drink. It is a social blasphemy in itself, in a conservative society where the Muslims do not generally like to eat or drink with non-Muslims. The same situation that exists in India, where upper-class Hindus look down upon the minorities of their country, including their own low-class co-religionists.

In any case, the unpleasant exchange of words between Asia Bibi and her Muslim co-workers ended up with police at her doorsteps a few days later, accusing her of committing blasphemy. Her co-workers had found her abusing the Prophet of Islam during their fight with Asia Bibi and when they realized this 5 days later, they soon reported it to the police. The charge, Asia always denied. However, she was sentenced to death in 2010.

Since 2010, much has changed in Pakistan and a line has been drawn between two kinds of schools. The one ever-dominating that views that the woman should be hanged at any cost and that hampering in so doing is an international conspiracy. They particularly blame American hand behind this and maintain that it is the American and Jewish influence due to which courts have not been executing Asia. These people have from time to time physically tried to force the state to execute Asia Bibi. She is also responsible for two high profile assassinations.

The ghost of Asia Bibi is also responsible for creating the people like Mumtaz Qadri whom they venerate since he killed the man whom he was supposed to protect. In January 2011, Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, the man who had publicly supported Asia Bibi, was assassinated by his own, more religious, a guard, who thought that the governor’s religious views were not good enough. Another high-profile official who was assassinated supporting Asia was former minority Minister Shahbaz Bhatti (himself a Christian).

Taseer’s assassin, Mumtaz Qadri, who became a saintly figure for the people who believed Asia Bibi should be executed in any case, was tried and executed for the murder in 2016.

Yet Asia Bibi lives to date.

So, it is sufficient proof that Americans are running the state of Pakistan and all the important decisions are taken in either Washington or Tel Aviv. However, there is a divided opinion in Pakistan over who had a more dominant hand in this case of Asia Bibi, who was eventually released by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Whether it had a more dominant Christian hand of America or the Jewish hand of Israel, since both are the impeccable enemies of Pakistan since its inception. Perhaps, that is one of the reasons due to which the US has been economically aiding Pakistan over the decades.

In 2018, the Supreme Court verdict overturned the death penalty of Asia Bibi and found her not guilty, leading her release from 9 years in prison. The court verdict cited insufficient proofs and glaring discrepancies of the witnesses and throughout the prosecution as the reasons rendering the benefits of the doubt to the accused.