Pakistan Court Issues Warrants for “Groom” in a Lesbian Marriage

“Do you want to promote European culture in Pakistan?”. The court further stated that our religion and society do not allow homosexuality and these kinds of marriages.

Pakistan lesbian marriage
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A Pakistan court has issued non-bailable warrants for the “groom” in a reported lesbian marriage between a teacher and her student.

The court ordered the police authorities to arrest the accused and produce her before the court within two days.

The Lahore High Court Judge, Justice Ch Abdul Aziz, issued the orders of the arrest of Asima, aka Ali Akash, in absentia. Earlier, on Tuesday, the court had issued non-bailable warrants of the accused.

The father of the bride, Amjad Ali, who is also an applicant in the case, stated that “According to my knowledge, since the groom of her daughter, Neha Ali, is also a female and that our religion, Islam, does not allow homosexual marriages, so this marriage is both illegal and un-Islamic.

During the hearing, the court asked the counsel of the Asma (aka Ali Akash) why the accused had not appeared before the court.

On this, the lawyer, Nadeem Anthony, replied that his client is unwell and the doctor has advised him not to travel. Upon this, the court asked the counsel, “How come you call your client “him” since his sex has not been determined yet?”

While producing before the court the relevant documents, Akash’s lawyer apprised the court that his client had already divorced Neha Ali.

Judge Abdul Aziz remarked, “The matter of the divorce will be taken up only once we decide whether or not the marriage held was under the Islamic laws or not. In addition, the sex of the accused also needs to be ascertained.”


While reprimanding the accused lawyer, the court remarked, “Do you want to promote European culture in Pakistan?”. The court further stated that our religion and society do not allow homosexuality and these kinds of marriages.

Meanwhile, the applicant’s lawyer, Raja Ahmed, informed the court that the medical board that was to ascertain the sex of Asma (aka Ali Akash), was formed with the approval of the accused.

Ahmed said that despite claiming to appear before the medical board to prove she had changed her sex, the accused did not turn up. The applicant’s lawyer also said that the signatures of the accused do not match on the two documents of marriage and divorce.

The court was further told that Akash is currently in Lahore, while Neha Ali is also in Lahore living in a shelter home.

Upon this, the court ordered the head of the city police to arrest the accused and appear before the court on August 7.

During one of the hearings, the alleged couple had informed the court that their lives had been in danger.

It should be noted that Asma was teaching at the school in Rawalpindi, where Neha Ali was studying. It is also relevant to recall that Asma had claimed that she had changed her sex after undergoing an operation. She had even produced a medical certificate to support her claim.

However, the applicant’s lawyer said that changing sex is a complicated and costly procedure and that Asma’s financial condition was not too stable.

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