Parent Advocacy Group Claims New US Television Adaptation is Live Sex

“Sex Box” was a highly successful television series, which originally aired in Britain, but when Relativity Media decided to adapt the series for the United States, parental advocacy groups were ready to speak their minds about the nature of the content that is being aired on cable television.

The Parental Television Council is getting ready to have the new series, set to air on February 27, pulled before it even airs.

The show revolves around counseling couples, who have just recently have participated in intercourse. The idea is based on a theory that couples are more open for counseling after partaking in such intimacy. Couples go into a sound proof box that has no camera, and have sex while three counselors wait outside. After they are finished the therapy begins.

PTC President Tim Winter stated to FOX411, “It’s a live sex show on television. This is the type of show you would see on Showtime or HBO, but it’s a basic cable package. We have seen historically, like a food chain, what starts on a premium network goes to basic cable and then goes to broadcast.”

The PTC is worried that this will open the flood gates to other sexually explicit material creating a spiraling effect that would make this material a social norm.

Winter then stated, “By coming into 100 million cable subscribers home they immediately add toxicity to the entire environment. If you have people inside the box having sex the next step is putting a camera in the box. I hope we can stop it before the show airs and they realize that programming a show has consequences. We have had success in stopping other shows before like Oxygen’s “All My Babies Mamas”. Cable networks really feel it when advertisers start to leave. What we want is this network to be tossed off by the cable network.”

While it has yet to be seen that the petition will work, We TV President Marc Juris, plans on airing the show despite the controversy stating, “’Box” is one of the most unique and compelling show concepts we’ve ever seen, and we can’t wait to bring it to WE TV.”

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