Beginning July 1, 2016, the Parisian government plans to ban all cars made before the year 1997. This not only applies to the residents of Paris but all cars made before the aforementioned year will not be allowed entry into the city.

The proposed ban has been in the works for nearly over a year now, and once enacted, mayor Anne Hidalgo hopes to decrease Paris’ green house gas emissions 75-percent by 2050. The law will be enforced through the use of stickers named “air quality certificates” indicating what emissions standards the vehicle complies with. This will enable law enforcement to determine, at a glance, if the vehicle is permitted to be on the road at a given time.

Anne Hidalgo (Image Via Wikipedia)

Before this news breeds mass panic, it’s worth noting the ban will only be enforced between 8AM and 8PM on weekdays (Monday-Friday). The plan still may have classic car owner breaking a nervous sweat over the restricted time their vehicles can see road time. Currently, the plan makes no exception for cars registered as classic vehicles, instead, it is a mass ban on anything made pre-1997 with no exceptions. However, currently, the fédération française des véhicules d’époque (a government interest group that represents french classic car owners and their vehicles) is working to have the plan grant exception to registered classic vehicles.

The population the most affected is not those who own older cars for recreation but those who own older vehicles because of budget restrictions. The announcement of this plan has already triggered protests in the city and a class action lawsuit from individuals who believe the government should aid them in buying a newer vehicle that is within compliance of the plan if they wish to put it into action. Currently, there has been no response from the Parisian government on the situation.

If the city doesn’t quell the anger the proposed ban is receiving, things could get worse before they get better. The ban also includes motorbikes and scooters built before June 1, 1999. Additionally, after the year 2020, the plan states that vehicles built pre-2010 will also be banned from entering the city.


Featured Image Via Pixabay/Edi Nugraha