Tradition and culture are two things that are very strong in Spain. The people of the nation hold on to their traditions with much pride and integrity. But as times change, some people think certain traditions should too. One group is doing its best to make a change in the nation right now. According to BBC News, people in Madrid are protesting bull fights. This news has many people surprised and several feeling conflicted.

These protests have been going on for a while now. People of Spain have been working to make changes to the treatment of bulls and animals in the country for several years now. BBC News reports that the government of Castilla y Leon placed a ban on slaughtering bulls at public festivals. This was something that was done in many communities for many years. That law targeted one particular festival known as the ‘Toro de la Vega’ where a bull was chased by a person before it was speared to death.

Bull fights and festivals surrounding the usage and killing of bulls have fallen in popularity over the past several years.This shows how many citizens are against these practices. BBC News reports that thousands of protesters traveled to Madrid to gather and fight the tradition. People were in the streets holding signs that depicted graphic images of bulls being killed and holding black neck ties at the beginning of the rally.

BBC News is also reporting that many people of Spain, including Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, are in favor of continuing the tradition of bull fights. They believe that the bullfights are an ancient art form of sorts.

This issue is one that is causing a lot of turmoil in the country of Spain. As the people of the nation continue to deal with this issue, one can only wonder what the outcome will be.